Niger APC Set To Loose Elections In Niger State ? By James Bawa

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There is a subtle and clandestine move in the APC Family in Niger State that might lead to total collapse of the party structure like we are seeing in the Niger PDP, especially that the APC Niger has a single source of fund, the SANI BELLO’s TREASURE, that alone is very dangerous to the Party.
Opposition Parties have never governed Niger state and take this as a statement of fact, even though the APC seems to be stronger but the greed in the Niger APC will surely be the reason of their fall. The present caucus of the APC is purely dominated by PDP Stalwarts who had quarrels with the PDP style of leadership and decamped to APC to show their Anger.
Have a closer look of the dominance of the PDP in Niger state APC ? Where are the founding fathers of the Party ? Apart from the State PRO, Vatsa, most of them have been relegated to the background. If APC in Niger is relying on this over flogged horses from the PDP to deliver APC in the forth coming governorship elections, then they, the APC must be day dreaming.
Abu Lolo himself came to the political limelight as a commissioner in PDP regime and he is now the Governorship candidate of the Party. He is married to the daughter of a former head of state mothered by Governor Aliyu’s sister. Can the present characters in APC in Niger state TRULY take the state out of her present predicaments and endemic poverty in all its ramifications ?

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