New Pump Price: Independent Marketers In Adamawa Yet To Comply To Directive By Tom Garba,Yola

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Barely three weeks ago that the Minister Of Petroleum Dieziani Alison Madukwe had announced the reduction of petroleum product from 97 to 87 with immediate effect, the Independent Marketers in Adamawa State has refused to comply to the directive of selling at N87. Going round the city of Yola and Jimeta to ascertain the level of compliance by the petroleum dealers our reporter gathered all of the independent marketers have not comply with the new pump price except Bornoma filling station in Jimeta.
Our correspondent gathered that there has not been adherence to instruction by most of the independent petroleum marketers in Adamawa state. The marketers complained of not getting the product direct from NNPC , as they resorted  to  buying it from other major marketers at exorbitant price.
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When contacted the Sale Representative of NNPC mega station in Yola,Abubakar Nasir, who immediately responded to instruction of the new pump price without hesitation, blamed the independent marketers for not been fair to people in the state, that all provisions is being made to address issues, selling it above the government instructed price is unwarranted and the independent marketers are not having human feelings as he urge people to always ask questions on when some certain things are not done as it should be done, most especially when is affect the general public.
A Manager of Wadanda filing station in Yola,Mamman Hassan said they hardly get product at time they need it.
He said “we don’t get product direct from NNPC we only resort to getting it from other major marketers at a price that is not convenient to sale at the instructed price by Federal government. Also, some of our colleagues who are still with old stock want to disburse it before going back to the normal price”. Mamman said.
When questioned on their unfairness to Nigerians at a point that government decrease pump price, but Mamman maintained that to any business person, maximising profit and minimising loses is one of the cardinal policy of a good business man. He called on government to always consider them first before any other major policy because of their closeness with people from the grass root.
“You see is hard for you to see a major marketer in a LGA headquarter ,is only the independent marketers you will be seeing, all the villages around with filing stations most of them belongs to independent marketers. We need to be given close attention because of our closeness to the people with low income in our societies; we need federal government intervention in this aspect”. He added

The Manager of Bornoma filling station which happened to be one of the oldest independent filling station in Yola, Alhaji Bashir Bornoma who gave a standing ordered to his workers to always abide by any instruction given by federal government, Bashir who also lamented that the Economy of the country is not favorable to everyone as this has added untold hardship to people in the name of  extorting them because of financial gains as he said is ungodly.

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