New Malawian President’s Lawyer Rejects Ministerial Appointment, Says Its Cronyism

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Mr. Mordecai Msiska, a lawyer to the new president of Malawi, Mr. Lazarus Chakwera, has publicly rejected an appointment by the President.


Mr. Chakwera, it was gathered, had offered him the position of new Minister of Justice.


He, however, turned the offer down, saying it will be tantamount to cronyism.


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Cronyism is defined as “special treatment and preference given to friends or colleagues, especially in politics”.


He said it would seem like a reward for helping the new President win the court case that cancelled the rigged elections that led to his victory.


Reacting to the decision of Mr. Msiska, a Nigerian observer asked:


“Is this type of thing possible in the Nigeria of post-Gani Fawehimi and particularly in this era of anything goes?”

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