NBA Chairman, Jos, Appeals to Tribunal To Maintain Professional Ethics

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By Yakubu Busari,Jos

download (1)The Nigerian Barr Association (NBA) Chairman, Jos, Ledak D. Dafer has appealed to elections tribunal sitting over election matters to maintain professional guideline of the electoral act

He stated this at the High Court 6 while in an interview with our correspondent yesterday in Jos.

NBA boss advised the chairman of the tribunal to bring integrity and honesty to bear in delivering judgment that will be acceptable to all political parties.

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Dafer who spoke to our correspondent said, the election tribunal should work hard to bring about respect for the people of Plateau state in the judicial system.

He said they should translate fear and respect to the constitution and ensure excellent job, stressing the need for them to understand that they were carefully selected from NBA due to their track records.

Dafer called on his colleagues to avoid unauthorized delay and   handle all cases putting that will reposition back the judiciary as last hope of common man.

He pointing that, they should build confidence in the system by allowing their very best knowing that whatever we do on earth is the reflection of God.

We have confidence in the team because they were screened by the NBA so we don’t have any reason to doubt their ability in discharging their duty.

They will do their best, and decision will be by the constitutional provision.

Dafer cautioned the elections tribunal on the need to check and respect People because of high expectation and follow the rules of law and be fair to all.

He expressed confidence that the elections in Plateau state did not record any violence as many people were expecting so at this point in time, I believed the tribunal is in the best position to remain fair.

I will not conclude yet, because the judgments are not yet over.

We are happy that he emerge victorious this show that, the public has confidence on Lawyers.

“I believed that, the six Lawyer including Barr. Lalong who have won their political struggle will deliver what the public want”.

He should reach out to all people in the state without any sentiments must especially the yearning for social change.

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