National Health Insurance Scheme Executive Secretary In Trouble Over Contract Scam

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  • Faces Contempt of Court for disobedience of Court order

Less than a year after his predecessor was replaced due to a two million dollar case, the Acting Executive Secretary of  the National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS),Mr Femi Akingbade is in trouble over large scale contract scam involving contractors working with the scheme.

The Executive Secretary is alleged to have launched a vicious campaign to illegally replace existing licensed contractors with new ones while flagrantly disobeying court orders secured by one of the illegally delisted health providers.

A statement by a civil society group,Health Monitor Alliance signed by its Coordinator,Abubakar Umar alleged that Akingbade has since taking over, embarked on a journey of victimization, intimidation, campaign of calumny and selfish vendetta against targeted contractors in the Health Insurance Scheme.

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“His predilections are covert and surreptitious move at corruption, self-aggrandizement and enrichment at the expense of Nigerians on the health insurance scheme, exchange and replacement of quality with mediocrity. This is a man who has no experience, practice or expertise in health or in health insurance. The mismatch of his background and the aims and objectives of the NHIS has resulted in an ongoing “purge” in the Scheme.

“Recently, the Acting Secretary has embarked on a vendetta aimed at removing or terminating the contract of performing contractors and replacing them with contractors and companies to which he has close links.

“We reliably gathered that one Premium Health Limited, one of the Contractors whose contract was terminated that, is a company that has been working with the NHIS with outstanding track records for over ten years. The Company never had any disagreement with the NHIS until the appointment of the Ag. Secretary who purportedly terminated the Company’s contract under the National Health Insurance Scheme.

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