Nasarawa Muslim Pilgrims Board Inaugurates Committee On Refund Of N31m To 2015 Pilgrims

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Rabiu Omaku

The Nasarawa State Muslim Pilgrim Welfare Board in a concerted effort to ensure that 2015 pilgrims benefited from the N31m refund by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has inaugurated a five man committee,The executive secretary of the board ,Abubakar Hassan Nalaraba during a press conference in Lafia today (Thursday) task the committee to ensure the proper disbursement to people that embarked on 2015 Hajj exercise.

He further affirmed that 1,682 pilgrims from Nasarawa state, including 9 officials from the board embarked on 2015 holy pilgrimage,Abubakar Hassan Nalaraba while giving breakdown of the thirty one million (N31m ) cautioned the committee to exhibit transparency and fear God in the task bestowed on them.

The executive secretary described members of the committee as people tested ,trusted with proven integrity ,The committee was given four weeks for it assignment.Abubakar Nalaraba affirmed that the total of N31,091,172.98 was part of the unspent money refund back by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) .

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The members are

1.Mal.Ismaila Ahmed ,The Director Admin and Supply of the board as chairman,Others are

2.Bashir Tijjani

3.Ahmed Mailafiya

4.Hajiya Hauwa Isa Mustapha Agwai and

5.Hajiya Fatimah respectively


The executive secretary while given the breakdown of the N31,091,172.98 he said

N10,764,800.00 was a refund of the balance for five days feeding at Makkah

N3,891,451.38 was a refund of non-feeding of some pilgrims at Medinah mostly pilgrims in a third flight while.

N1,076,480.00 was for feeding at Medinah airport,Adding 1,653 benefited instead of 1,682 pilgrims,He further buttressed that N287,958.40 was refunded Tent security deposit .

The executive secretary,Abubakar Hassan Nalaraba hinted that N3,590,060.80 was deposited for Ministry of Hajj,He added that N192,096.00 was for deposit for Tent ‘C’,Other refund made also includes N519,110.40 for feeding at Mina and Arafat.


N1,536,825.60 refund of Makkah accomodation while N1,224,000.0 was for air ticket outbound for 9 intending pilgrims that did not embark on the holy voyage,He further maintained that 7,072,000.0 was a refund to 52 Katsina pilgrims that went on Hajj operation through Nasarawa state but later return through Mangal Airline to Katsina state.

Nalaraba averred that majority of the pilgrims were sponsored by a Katsina based  business mogul and ,Dahiru Mangal, In addition, he affirmed that other seats were allocated by the NAHCON chairman.

He said N45,000.0 was also refunded as Annual Development levy ,Saying the amount will be refunded to 9 persons that did not embark on 2015 Hajj exercise due to some exigencies.

The committee chairman ,Ismaila Ahmed thanked the executive secretary for choosing them for the task ahead,Promising to abide by the rules of engagement.

Also an islamic cleric in the state,Limamin Gabas challenged the committee members to adhere to due process and fear of God,Saying an era of spending Government resources carelessly has gone.

I’m surprised to see NAHCON refunding huge amount of money to 2015 pilgrims and if it were before nobody could have refund such money.

” iI pleaded that none of your members should condone any act capable of ridiculing the integrity of you,Saying is no longer business as usual”,He added.

The committee is expected to kick-start their assignment from

1.Toto 4/4/2016 – Umaisha,Gadabuke

2.Nasarawa 5/4/2016 -Nasarawa,Loko,Udegi

3.Keffi 6/04/2016-Keffi


5.Karu 11/04/2016-Karu,Panda,Karshi

6.Wamba 12/04/2016-Wamba,Farin Ruwa

7.Akwanga 13/04/2016-Akwanga,Akwanga West

8.Nasarawa Eggon 14/04/2016-Nasarawa Eggon,Agidi,Akun

9.Awe 15/04/2016-Awe,Azara

10.Keana 18/04/2016-Keana,Giza

11.Obi 19/04/2016-Obi,Jenkwe,Daddere

12.Doma 20/04/2016-Doma,Ekye

13.Lafia 21/22/25/04/2016-Lafia,Lafia North,Lafia East

Government Sponsored,others from headquater 26/04/2016 .


It could be recalled that 2015 Hajj operation was marred by series of criticism ranging from unremitted fund by the Nasarawa State Muslim Pilgrim Welfare Board to pilgrims,Other major constraint facing the board was the incessant change and delay in flight.

Months after 2015 Hajj exercise the Amirul Hajj team constituted by the state Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura is yet to submit it report to the chief executive,All effort to reach the former Governor and the Amirul Hajj,Alh.Dr,Abdullahi Adamu hit bricks wall,But a member of the Amirul Hajj team who spoke on confidence said the report is ready ,As he said the wedding Fatiha of the daughter of the former Governor was behind the delay,Only time shall tell.

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