Nasarawa Impeachment: Lai Mohammed’s Ranting Means APC Will Legalise Corruption If Given The Opportunity To Rule This Country Says Nasarawa PDP

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It is no longer  a new thing to the People’s Democratic Party PDP and most especially the Nigerian public the usual ranting of Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the National  Publicity Secretary of the All Progressive Congress APC on political issues in the country which are either constitutional or not.
Lai is found of making unguided utterances and statements which ordinarily are supposed to be handled with caution so as not rubbish the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Recently, the usual Lai Mohammed issued a statement concerning the ongoing impeachment in Nasarawa state. We expect that Lai to have thoroughly consulted the provision of section 188 of the Nigerian constitution before issuing such statements knowing fully that what the lawmakers did is not alien to the constitution.
But in his usual characteristics chose to ignore it for sentiment which his party is known for in every aspect their politicking.
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To our dismay Lai Mohammed chooses to ignore the fundamental issues raised in the impeachment notice that borders on corruption and extra budgetary expenses which are impeachable offences.
“Those Lai mean to say that the APC will legalise corruption if given the opportunity to rule this country?
Is he not aware that members of the panel set up by the chief judge are yet to deny being members of political party or government employees as alleged by members of the state assembly.
We equally challenge the APC publicity secretary and his sponsors to come out and tell the world of any contract executed by the present APC administration in the state that was done in line with due process of advertising such contract and bided before execution.
We want to draw the attention of the public that impeachment is a constitutional matter that starts with the assembly and ends with the assembly after the findings of the panel as enshrined in section 188 of the 1999 constitution as amended.
If truly Almakura is not guilty of those offence raised in the impeachment notice, then he should stop conscripting youths that he threw out of their jobs to protest for him and should also stop engaging our revered traditional rulers to plead with the lawmakers to back down which government resources is also  used in that direction.
As progressive the APC claims to be, we taught they would sanction Almakura for destabilizing the party in the state and reducing its size.
When he came on board they had 3 House of Representatives members and one senator but today the reverse is the case as APC had only one House of Representatives member and 4 members of the house of assembly from five.
So we wonder what value Almakura has added to the party that they have to go extra mile out of the constitution to defend him after disintegrating the party.
He should stop running from pillar to post begging, his time is up.
We urged him to stop disturbing our traditional rulers and allow them carry out their community mandate of ensuring peace and security which he destroyed in the last three years.
Chief Yunana Iliya
PDP Chairman

Nasarawa state.

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