Nasarawa Government Spent N17, 993,610,711.85 For Salaries And Emoluments In 2015

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Rabiu Omaku

Nasarawa state Government has expended a whooping N17.9bn on salaries and emoluments of workers in the year 2015, the commissioner ministry of Budget and planning Hon.Othman Ibrahim Ahmed gave the hint during this year’s budget breakdown.

The commissioner affirmed that money to the tune of N17,993,610,711.85 bn was spend on wage bill and emoluments while pension and gratuity of retired civil servants gulped N2,745,018,179.36 bn.

Hon. Othman enumerated that N11,479,858,768.81 bn was expended on overhead cost while N13,914,416,538.88 was spend on capital expenditure out of the appropriated N44,473,475,091 bn which is 31.29 percent of total appropriated amount.

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He further revealed that N32,218,487,660.02 was spend out of the N63,660,526,713 earmarked for recurrent expenditure in 2015 budget size of N108,134,001,804 with a total revenue receipt of N50,097,748,054.45 bn which translate to 46.33 revenue performance.

He gave the breakdown of revenue receipt to includes


Excess Crude Savings—————N88,368,650.58

Value Added Tax———————N6,872,940,720.36

Refund from NNPC——————N83,017,820.08

Aids and Grants———————-N2,438,144,435.10

Capital receipts———————-N4,029,196,534.14

Statutory Revenue Allocation——-N25,956,627,353.71

Exchange Gain and Special Allocation–N3,845,933,171.73

Hon. Othman hinted that the state Government spends N2.5bn for the development of Lafia township roads, while N1.523 bn was expended on inter/intra city roads which includes rural feeder roads across the state to the tune of N204.9m,Obi,Karu,Keana ,Toto and Garaku roads N853.1m.

Other roads are Adudu- Azara,Wuse-Akiri-Plateau border roads N200m while Doma-Agyaragu ,Kadarko-Giza-Keana  and Agaza-Agwatashi and Obi-Assakio roada gulped N262.6m,while construction of bridges and culverts consumed a wholesome of N142m.

Bridges and culverts constructed across the state to the tune of N81.8m, construction of 60 meters Reinforced concrete Bridge at Kudnawi, Mararaba cost N60.2m

In the education sector, the commissioner disclosed that colossal amount of money amounted to N318.7m for the construction and renovation of hostel in all the existing state owned tertiary institutions, hostel accommodation in Nasarawa state University, Keffi N54.8m.

Others are construction of hostel accommodation in College of education, Akwanga N84.0m,hostel at Nasarawa state Polytechnic, Lafia N89.6m while N9.3m was spend for the renovation of hostel at College of Agriculture, Lafia, he further added that N126.7m was expended for special projects at tertiary institutions.

Othman enumerated that a total of N379.2m was spends on the overhauling of hospitals and Healthcare centers respectively, giving the breakdown of the benefited hospitals, he said N104.1m was spend on the construction of Lafia modern hospital.

While Akwanga modern hospital gulped N97.4m, he in addition averred that N24.3m was spend on the equipping of all hospitals in the state.

“Construction of modern hospital in Nasarawa gulped N75.4m, upgrading of general hospital Doma N33.7m, Umaisha N30.0m, Keana N30.1m and the construction of Comprehensive Primary Healthcare at Gudi cost N15.1m.

He said the state Government also spend NN200.6m on the rehabilitation of Akwanga /Keffi water scheme and Nasarawa water works while construction of Lafia square gulped N145.3m,renovation of 10 numbers Guest Houses in Lafia amounted to N16.7m,construction of public buildings N54.9m and cargo International airport consumed N890m.

Hon. Othman Ibrahim Ahmed disclosed that the state Government expended N117.5m as compensation for Lands acquired by Government; while N672.6m was spend in the ministry of Land and Survey.

The commissioner listed the projects to include the project of Nasarawa Geographic Information systems which gulped N400m, provision of detailed district plan for Lafia, Karu and Keffi N93.6m, digital area mapping of the entire state N97.0m, construction of office in Lafia N82.0m.

Other capital expenditure in 2015 budget also includes the procurement of vehicles for public office holders at the tuned of N63.7m while assorted fertilizer amount to N284.1m.

The commissioner said this year’s budget tagged “budget of pragmatism” encapsulated the following as its policy thrust

  1. completion of some ongoing projects
  2. enhancement of Internal Revenue Generation
  3. Market Development
  4. Rural roads especially bridges
  5. Job creation, Youth Empowerment, Skills Acquisition and Human Capital Development
  6. Creation of an enabling environment for Public Private Partnership
  7. Aviation infrastructural Development
  8. Emergency Intervention in Education sub-sector
  9. Improvement in Healthcare Service Delivery
  10. Continued collaboration with Development partners
  11. Agricultural liberalization with emphasis on extension service
  12. Pragmatic approach to solid mineral exploration and exploitation

The state Government is to spend N35,134,153,269.00bn for capital expenditure which is lower than the amount voted in 2015 budget, Othman Ahmed said the state Government will continue to formulate and sustain policies and programmes that will project the state ahead of her contemporaries and to keep pace with the economically viable ones.

1.Education sector N17.05bn

2.Works,Housing and Transport—-N9.50 bn

3.Finance,Planning and Investment—-N8.81 bn

4.Lands and Survey —–N7.21 bn


6.Water Supply—–N3.44 bn

7.Agriculture——–N2.80 bn

8.Commerce,Industry and Cooperatives—N1.71 bn

9.Rural and Community Development—–N1.87 bn

10.Sports and Youth Development—N1.04bn

11.Women and Social Development—N0.105bn

12.Environment and Natural Resources–N0.098 million

13.Justice——–N2.88 bn

14.Information and Culture—N0.568 bn

15.Budget and Planning——–N185.00

16.House of Assembly—–N1,031,300.000

General administration—–/Legislation—-N14.32 bnbn

Pension and Gratuity—-N3.00bn

Civil service matters—-N0.568 bn

2016 Budget Breakdown is as follows

The commissioner commended the press for their immense contributions since the inception of this regime, saying the state Governor is good manager of public funds, adding that accountability, prudency and transparency.

Hon.Othman Ibrahim Ahmed said the ministry will ensure that fiscal discipline is strictly enforced in the implementation of all programmes and policies inscribed in the budget.

He appealed to the press to adhere to the code and ethics guiding the profession by cross checking all facts with the appropriate Government establishment when analyzing and reporting the implementation of Government programmes and projects in 2016 budget.

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