Nasarawa Deputy Governor, Damishe Luka Open Can Of Worms Says Al-Makura Responsible For The Violence In The State By Rabiu Omaku,Lafia

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The Deputy governor of Nasarawa  state, Damishe Luka Barau  has open the can of worms over the unabated skirmishes that enveloped the state  in the last three years, Barua accused the state governor for igniting the lingering  ethnic and communal violence that erupted the state.
The deputy governor buttressed that the governor was found of running away from the state during skirmishes, He further opined that he was left alone to stage-manage the situation.
“The governor was always away during the heat of ethnic and communal conflict “,Damishe Luka Barau in addition described the APC government  under his former boss as the worst and  the most corrupt  administration the state has  ever produce in the history of democracy in the state
He accused governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura for legalizing corruption, saying time shall come to uncovered the sharp practices committed by Al-Makura.
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He attributed the reasons behind his defection from the APC to the opposition party, The PDP due to the presence of some undesirable elements in the party.
Also a former Deputy governor Michael Abdul said electing PDP would end stagnation and poverty in the state, He however buttressed that voting PDP gubernatorial candidate would ensure the continuation of rural roads as well the reintroduction of Badakoshi  (Food for All) which he said was the mainstay of the PDP.
“During our days we embarked on a lot of rural roads aimed at bridging the gap between the rural dwellers and those in the urban centres, Describing road as an essential artery for the development of every nation.
He listed rural road constructed to include Angwan zaria Junction-Rinze road, Gitata-Panda road, Agwada road, Doma-Okpatta road as the track record of roads constructed under governor Aliyu Akwe Doma.           

The campaign team visited Agwada, Kokona and Keffi Local Government respectively

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