NAHCON To Constitute An Investigative Committee Over Non-Feeding Of Third Flight Of Nasarawa Pilgrims

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Rabiu Omaku

  • Promised to improved on 2016 hajj operation

The 2015 Muslim pilgrim has come and gone but the dust raised during the operation is yet to settled, Following the controversy surrounding the non feeding of over 500 third flight Pilgrims at their hotel room at Al-Jazeera hotel in Medina, The chairman ,Abdullahi Muktar during an interactive session hinted that the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has released chunk amount of money for the supply of food ( feeding ) of pilgrims at Medina.

The Chairman said is the sole responsibility of the Hajj Commission to ensure that topmost attention are given to the welfare of pilgrims which includes providing feeding and accommodation to Pilgrims at Medina, NAHCON boss said the commission would investigate the matter and necessary steps would be taken to improved on 2016 holy pilgrimage.

“The names of food contractors are submitted to the Commission and successful companies are selected while names and finances handed over to state pilgrim boards, In addition forms are given to Executive Secretaries for comments in case the food supplied is not satisfactory, we did not receive any contrary report about non-supply of food to Nasarawa third flight pilgrims.

” There is no any complaint by the Nasarawa State Muslims Pilgrims Welfare Board, I assured you we will investigate by bringing the culprit to book “During this year’s holy pilgrimage, First and second pilgrims interview confided that food are made available to them twice a day at their hotel at Medina.

“The feeding of Pilgrims at Medina is not our responsibility rather it was the duty of Hajj Commission, If we get to Mecca, This was the reaction of members of the Amirul Hajj team as they further said the Chairman of the commission is in- charge of everything” Said a member of the Amirul Hajj team from Nasarawa state.

The chairman while clearing the controversy generated over the N4000 ($20) coupon removed by the office of Nasarawa Muassasah as rightly alleged debunked the remittance of $20 to Pilgrims, He said unless a Pilgrim boded a flight from Medina to Mecca then authorities at Jedda International airport would refund such amount to a pilgrim  to cover up his flight fare.

Abdullahi Muktar while reacting on the alleged diversion of Nasarawa flight to favored Kaduna state pilgrims as rightly unfolded by members of the Amirul Hajj team, He described the information as untrue, Attributing the change in flight movements to inconsistencies from management of flight and Saudi Kingdom not Nigeria Hajj Commission.

The Chairman promised to improve on some nagging challenges which includes Improvement in creating awareness by the information unit of the Commission, He also assured 2016 Pilgrims of proper arrangement.

“That was why we call for suggestions, complaints from the general public, this is a clear indication that we in the Commission don’t have skeleton in our cupboard, The publication of that public notice was meant to erase doubt in the mind of people! Spreading falsehood, He Added.

He averred that the Commission would work side by side with state board to avoid repetition of challenges that enveloped 2015 Hajj operation as he expressed worried over the plight of some pilgrims left at Jedda International airport.

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