My View on Restructuring –Alex Kwapnoe

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An All Progressives Congress, APC, Chieftain and the former President Muhammadu Buhari Campaign coordinator in Plateau state, Hon Alex Kwapnoe has advocated for the use two lingua franca between Hausa or Yoruba as the language of communication.

Speaking to Yakubu Busari at his office in Jos he aired his views on restructuring in Nigeria.

The most vital and quintessential action we must take to move the country forward is to restructure our mindset and attitude towards Nigeria, by this I mean (1) we should define and adopt a native language which shall become our lingua franca! Any of the easy languages Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba would do. But do we have the guts to unite ourselves?. This may require further discussion.

(2)WILLFUL NEGLIGENCE: I believe we must upgrade the laws that govern our country, a situation where an official looks the other side while enabling evil, fraud, robbery, kidnap etc happens, he or she must pay the highest price of treason whether in or out of office.

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Equally important for this to happen is the removal of immunity clause for all politicians except the president.

We must all be equal before our laws!.

Power sharing: I go with rotation for the next one hundred years for a start.

Land tenure: l go with the present system to strengthen our federalism.

(3)The police:  our police must be upgraded through good work and pay conditions, and they are to be at the same level as the highest paid graduates in the highest paid organization in the land and WILFUL NEGLIGENCE must be clearly spelt out and enforcement ensured.

(4)STATES CREATION:The condition is too cumbersome and is clearly  impossible to achieve, I believe we either jettison  the idea or make it easier.

(5)DERIVATION PRINCIPLES: From 13% it should be raised to 20% while the 2007 Minerals act should be declassified to enable other arms of government rights to mine some minerals found in their localities.

(6)DEVOLUTION OF POWER. Arms, ammunition, explosives, aviation, and airport,  railway, custom and excise, nuclear energy etc should be on the exclusive list, more items on the exclusive list should be moved to the concurrent list.

(7)FISCAL FEDERALISM AND REVENUE ALLOCATION. I wish that we can slash federal government allocation to 35% while upping that of the states to 65%. With states organizing so-called elections and winning all seats, I support the call for the abolition of states electoral committees and the removal of the 774 local governments from the construction and the insertion of the law that all elections in Nigeria can only be conducted by INEC.

(8)I go with the proponents of the parliamentary form of government at least at the state level.

(9)NATIONAL ASSEMBLY: our resources are lean and the process of using two houses is an abbreviation. I believe a single legislature with an equitable distribution of a SENATOR or REP for every state of six each would suffice.

Power sharing: I go with rotation for the next one hundred years for a start.

Land tenure: I go with the present system to strengthen our federalism.

Finally, I believe the JUDICIARY which is the last hope of all men must be particularly looked at with a view to providing more and sustainable security to our judges and pay equal to or higher than that of political office holders and corruption must carry very severe deterrence punishment equal to our recalcitrant rates and levels.

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