Murtala Nyako Of Adamawa State: His Lies, His Shame And His Fallen Glory

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Adamu Alkali Baraka

From a disheartening heart I can’t stand to admit what the former Governor of Adamawa State, Murtala Hammanyero Nyako who during a 2-Day Summit on “Rethinking the Security and Development Agenda for Northern Nigeria” organized by the Sir Ahmadu Bello Foundation in Kaduna where as a guest speaker who much honesty, sincerity, uprightness and truthful utterances are ought to be his guiding principles as an elder statesman in the country.

But his confession of blatant lies in a broad day light has proven that his integrity is questionable, his unchecked mated fallible utterances needs to be cautioned and his gullible lies against Adamawa state people is unpardonable, our generation and other generations yet unborn cannot forgive him for disgracing the people of the state that he looted their treasury and freely roaming around the streets of Nigeria without recourse to the rule of law is call for serious concern on the part of our judicial system.

The devolve attitude of financial reckless of Murtala Nyako will no longer be tolerated, as one of the respected elder in the state, I’m concern to remind the good people of Nigeria that the former Governor was outrageous in squandering the coffers of Adamawa State with unnecessary bills without following due process is even a enough reason to charge him of financial mismanagement of public funds.

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For Nyako to had said that only 45Billion Naira was given to him on the over seven years he spend as a Governor of Adamawa State is to tell every Nigerian that the former Governor is a senior liar whose character of lies depicted at a draft of white paper on the report of Justice Bobbo Umar Judicial commission of inquiry into the finances and human resources management of Adamawa State Government from June  2007 to June, 2014 where the erstwhile Governor (Nyako) was the seated chief accounting officer.

In the report the commission of inquiry among many findings discovered that the Ministry of Finance gave the accrued revenue of N461, 978,392,597.35 whereas the accountant General gave the figure of N543, 828,870,129.56 for the period of June, 2007 to June, 2014. The two never agreed figures has shown that a difference of N81,850,477,532.21 is suspected to have been siphoned during the regime of the said Governor.

It’s radically disgusting for the believed noble Man of Nyako’s worth to informed hundreds of people gathered for what they thought to be edifying and reviving only to end up given an unpardonable lie of collecting only “N45” Billion Naira as against N543,828,870,129.56 Billion Naira realized during his tenure as a Governor.

His deprave  life style has turned the state to a state of financial despair if 45 Billion Naira was what he has gotten as against N543,828,870,129.56. According to the Justice Bobbo Umar’s report. Many people will be inquisitive to ask this question: where is the balance of over 750 Billion Naira? It’s indeed Conspicuous to say that Nyako has terrible lied against Nigerians and as a matter of fact his shameless character is considered to be disrespectful, dishonouring and trying to portray a failing glory of Nigerian retired Military officers, serving and former Governors and to every well-meaning and respected people of not only Adamawa State but Nigeria as a country.

To further expatiate to the world that the initially impeached Governor is nothing than a personified liar is the juxtaposes of his administration and that of Mr Boni Haruna his predecessor and his successor, Hon. Umaru Fintiri who took over from Nyako as Acting Governor after he was impeached, received about N30b including special funds in 3 months that he acted. From 2008-2014 when Nyako was impeached, the state’s average monthly receipt from the federation account was N3b (minimum) . The increase in receipts by the state under Nyako from the previous ones was because of the high price of crude oil which was over 114 USD per barrel. The estimated funds received by Governor Nyako’s government were N450b from the federation account. Nyako’s government also collected Adamawa’s share of Paris club refunds which was successfully fought for and established by the preceding

When still comparing Boni Haruna administration, which was then estimated at 258USD. Calculate this at today’s exchange rate of 350/USD. It is not on record that the receipt of this particular refund which was paid in installments was reported to the people of Adamawa and appropriated by the State House of Assembly. Governor Boni received N114.8b in 8 years out of which about N32b was in his first 4 years (1999-2003).Out of this amount, salaries and leave grants alone took about N39b. The remaining amount of over N70b was for other recurrent and capital expenditures for 8 years.

Yet Nyako and his cohorts accused governor Boni of diverting N50b out of state’s statutory allocation while in office then. What an irony! If Nyako got only N45b in 7 years, it means that he got about N600m monthly while the state’s salary bill for workers during his time in addition to his then ridiculous number of SAs was more than N1.5b.

At this point one will be allow to say that Nyako is an inconsistent liar whose administration is full of financial irregularities which need to be investigated by EFCC and other anti-graft agencies to ascertain the truth status of his administration and the money he claimed he received, contradicting the draft white paper on the report of Justice Bobbo Umar judicial commission of inquiry into the finances and human resources management of Adamawa State Government.

It’s also simple to say that the glory of most of our leaders is on erosion to outer shame, as our Leaders, elder statesmen and elders in the Land cannot say the truth even if it means saying it to fall into trouble. I see a serious decay, a fallen glory of some of our Northern senior citizens, I noticed a can of worms conceal in a glass cup of shame in their cupboards breaking it is a total disgrace to some of our so called leaders.

Nyako one among many of the senior Men we have in this country will blew a lie to Nigerians in a program to honour Sir Ahmadu Bello -Sardauna whose act of good leadership most of them had enjoyed to be what they are today, and throughout his life, record did not tell us he has ever lied or involved in any form of corruption.I consider the name “Sir Ahmadu Bello” with much reverence because of the magnitude of selfless service he rendered to humanity, seeing it as a diadem of his glory and is signifying the sovereignty of the many sacrifices he made to sustained a good name in the whole of Africa.

The late Sardauna will never forgive the likes of Nyako in this country, because he thought them honesty but they are never honest, he thought them sacrifice but they are not, he asked them not to steal but they are ardent criminals at the corridors of power,he was a servant leader but they are our task masters, exploiting the wealth of the nation to empower only their families and friends.

Rtd General Galadanci is a replicate of Sir Ahmadu, his fearless attitude, bold mindset made him to be right on time to declared that the gathering under Nyako as a guest speaker is a deceit considering his administration pitfalls while he was a Governor of Adamawa State and for him to lied he only collected 45billion Naira:

“We are here deceiving ourselves. We Northerners like to lie to ourselves. All the beautiful papers presented and applauded woefully failed to address the real issues. Yet we all clapped for them. Let me ask; where is the Chairman of BoT of this Foundation? Don’t tell me, he is in jail for stealing money of his people while he reigned as their governor. Even on this high table (points at the high table), there are people who have stolen the futures of their people yet, we are all here lying to ourselves! Our leaders in Northern Nigeria are thieves! They compete in out- stealing each other at any given chance. We must not continue to hide them”

I specially want to commend Rtd Brig. General Galadanci for being courageous enough to tell Nyako and other Northern leaders that they are worthless liars whose glory is suffocating in total shame with shading away their names on the good books written in goals and in pearls, the organisers of the programme for a well done job in an effort to find a lasting solution to security problems in the country most especially in the Northern states were many places were ravaged by the activities of Boko Haram.

Adamu Alkali Baraka A public commentator Wrote in from Abuja

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