MOPPAN Soon To Engage In Remodeling Films Industry In Jos-Vice President Mua’azu

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Yakubu Busari


The National Vice President of Motion Picture Practitioners Organization of Nigeria, MOPPAN, Alh Salish Mua’azu has said they will soon unveil a new policy to help in remodeling films industry practitioners as he called on government, private investors to come in and invest in the industry.



Mua’azu disclosed this during the inauguration ceremony of the new executives of Plateau state chapter on Sunday which was held at the Jos North Local Government Council Hall.


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He about 10,000 households have been employed under the present local film industries and had impacted positively to GDP of the country in various ways.



According to him, motion picture movie industry, if properly harnessed would promote talents, encourage youth participation, adding that there is the need for States and the federal government to encourage the practitioners by funding the sectors for optimal productivity.



He explained further that the major challenges of the sector are lack of office accommodation for the filmmakers, challenges of orientation, marketing.



He challenged Plateau filmmakers to know where and how to market it and for government to create a conducive atmosphere for the film industry to strive due to the solid weather and peaceful disposition of the Plateau people, he added.


The New Chairman Ibrahim Lawal Ibrahim after taking an oath of office said,  “what are we witnessing today is more than just a change of baton. MOPPAN by this election has signified its intention to turn a new leaf. It has chosen to reinvent itself; it has chosen to win back the confidence of its members.



Throughout the campaign in the last few months, everywhere we visited we realized that the majority of our members were eager and determined to build a new association that is respected and that enjoys the confidence of the society.



There appears an appreciation to regain the confidence of the society, our profession needs to go back to its core values of ethics, courage, integrity, and professionalism.



This election, it appears to me, signifies the clear resolve by our members to begin to build a brave new MOPPAN.



Let me admit, however, that this journey did not just begin. The outcome of this election was only possible because of the role played by our past leaders. Acting Chairman Alhaji Salisu Muazu and our big brother, Alhaji Sani Muazu must be singled out here for special commendation, their innovation, foresight, and doggedness made this election possible.



I will also like to thank our various past leaders for their very noble role in standing up for what is right and other members who nominated me for this election and for their unflinching support. My special thanks to all whose name time will not allow me to mention.



But I must also seize this opportunity to express my debt of gratitude to members of my campaign team who played a very key role in our emergence.



Your Excellencies, distinguished guests, the elections are now, though admitted that, the dust is yet to settle, as many of my campaigns and acceptance speeches I said especially to my fellow colleagues who were elected to serve with me in various offices of our association for the next two years. I am confident that we will commit to working together collectively in the spirit of brotherhood to discharge our mandate and deliver the promise of a brave new MOPPAN.





Undoubtedly,  the tasks ahead are enormous.In the cause of my campaign, I pledged to put in my sincere best efforts. I am sure with your continuing support and the help of Allah we will succeed. Let me, therefore reaffirm my commitment to work assiduously to pursue our programmes and implement our campaign promises in line with our constitution with a high sense of responsibility, honesty, and integrity. We will pursue our mandate with only one sole objective, promoting the welfare of our members. We will quickly establish programmes and strategies necessary to enhance the welfare of our members particularly the young members of the profession.



Ladies and gentlemen, I want to assure you that 2018-2020 will be a shift for MOPPAN as we will do all within our powers to re-engineer and reposition it into bigger, better, more efficient, more responsive cohesive and globally competitive association. The filmmaking profession has a crucial role to play in setting a positive agenda for our society, this is our mandate for the next two years Insha Allah.



Your Excellencies distinguished ladies and gentlemen before I take my seat let, me place on record my depth of gratitude for the unflinching support I have received from my father Alhaji Lawal Yahaya, he spent endless days seeking for divine protection and guidance for me and my colleagues in the campaign and elections. I thank him very much. I also thank my wife Amina, my children Zarah and the Twins, all my family members who all made it their project by contributing in various ways and to the electoral committee of MOPPAN for organizing a free, fair and credible election. I thank you all.

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