Mobilizing ”Dogs & Baboons” Ahead Of February 14

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The drama has again begun as the All Progressives Congress Nigeria’s mainstream opposition party is already spoiling for another bloody brawl by mobilizing its foot soldiers to unleash mayhem on defenseless Nigerians ahead of February 14 presidential poll. It is a thousand pities that the Abuja Peace Pact that was co-signed by all the parties presidential flagbearers who are to take  part in the presidential election is being thrown to the winds by supporters of the mainstream opposition party.
What, if one may ask, gives or makes them so confident that APC will eventually carry the day to warrant the ongoing diabolic attack on the nation’s number one citizen convoy in the north? This is politics of hate and bitterness at play which is very dangerous for Nigeria.
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Anyone who denies that the ”tea party” – APC  is built on a foundation of hate is either lying to you or lying to themselves.  As things stand today it is not in dispute that almost all APC leaders are  protagonists of violence who do not mean well for Nigeria considering the repeated violations of the Abuja Peace Pact by its foot soldiers a few days ago in Katsina and Bauchi States. No one region can claim the monopoly of violence and the unwarranted attack on the President’s convoy is the highest display of barbarism and this cast nothing but a very gloomy atmosphere around the forthcoming general elections. The country can not move forward with politics of hate and bitterness like such the APC, Nigeria’s tea party displays.
Similarly, news agency AFP reported early this week that Jonathan/Sambo campaign minibus was attacked and set ablaze somewhere in Jos Plateau State. These ill-conceived attacks are sponsored by politicians in the mainstream opposition to foment unrest even before the elections are held knowing full well the incumbent president is already cruising to victory. Over here in the Diaspora we have it on good authority that the lives of PDP state governors in the north are being threatened on account of their avowed support for President Jonathan re-election ahead of the general elections.This reeks of barbarism on the part of Nigeria’s ‘tea party’, the All Progressives Congress and I am appalled at their leaders cowardice for displaying such  reprehensible levels of ignorance and hate as well, in fact they comprise the fringe reaches of true Progressives who do not drive the party’s policy. They are none other than leftwing radicals filled with absolute hate and this is very dangerous for the nation’s nascent democracy.
APC leaders together with their supporters do not really care about being factual or truthful because they do not  need to be. Their primary goal is to peddle as much propaganda to their voters as possible in an attempt to make them full of hate and believe practically anything.  And at that point no amount of factual information presented to these people will matter  because their minds have already been consumed by hate and fear.
It is an open secret that media platforms have been set up everywhere that basically tell its viewers they only tell the truth and anything to the contrary qualifies for nothing but ‘terminological inexactitudes’.  They opine any evidence they show proving what we – the APC – say is wrong is just part of the conspiracy to cover up the truth. That is what presently obtains in Nigeria’s mainstream opposition which is fighting by employing every form of illegality to shoot its way to power. Are they better than bushmen of legend?  The All Progressives Congress as a ‘tea party’ party has been built by the politics of hate. I  think it is fairly obvious that this writer does not agree with them  on many issues and has never seen such vile fear and hatred like he has seen since President Jonathan assumed the reins of power after the death of President Umaru Yar ‘Adua.
Fellow Nigerians this doubtless is the gospel. The All Progressives Congress is none other than a ”tea party” founded on politics of hate, driven by fear and solidified by ignorance by self-styled grandees who want to see another round of bloodbath in the coming years if their candidate is again defeated at the polls and it is time we joined forces with every true Progressive and Democrat to read them the Riot Act.
Iyoha John Darlington, aka Lington  Donovan,  is a social activist, political analyst, public commentator on national and global issues.

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