Misunderstanding The Work Of National Assembly

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It is believe that no human society survives in total absence of law. No matter how simple or complex it be, there must be an enforcing body responsible for coordinating its affairs through certain basic rules. In a democratic settings, people tend to vote/elect their representatives who carry out the task of law-making. These laws must not contradict the nation’s constitution.

The National Assembly is the highest elective law-making body which has two chambers: The House of Senates and The House of Representatives. The senators are to represent the views of  their States in the Senate, scrutinize the work of the government, introduce and legislation, work on senate committees to analyses information from community organisations, present petitions and take part in Senate estimate hearings etc. While the House of Representatives too is responsible for law making, introducing bills and resolutions, offer amendments and control over state funds, motion impeachment proceedings and depending the constitutional rights of the people of their constituencies etc.

But now many Nigerians fail to understand all these due to either their ignorance or personal blind selfish. They thought Senators and Members House of Representatives are meant to dispatch money for them. Everyone is fighting for his own shared-cake and forgetting what his community need most. Many people become street beggars and thugs who are always shouting in praise of their masters or bosses no matter how bad they are. They don’t care once if they can get money or bicycle. Money becomes their faith, religion and even the God they worship.

These unchained politician’s mad-dogs don’t respect and vote reasonable people that can bring to them positive changes in their life. They don’t care about life-long projects such as pipe-bone water, electricity, employment/job, education and good healthcare system etc, but only be sponsored by some envious shallow-minded politicians as their attacking dogs, using social media to insult other politicians who have different view in politics irrespective of anything good they do to the people they are representing.

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May the Almighty God give our leaders good heart and zeal to serve in a positive way, Ameen.


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