Miss Kaneng Sues For Peace In PDP, Dialogue Amongst Stakeholders In  Plateau

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Yakubu Busari

A Plateau State Peace Ambassador Miss  Rachael Kaneng Pam has employed the stakeholders of the People Democratic Party, PDP, to close rank and embrace dialogue for the unity and oneness of the state.



Pam in her Christmas season message of hope says, said the progress and development of the state under the platform of PDP  would bring us the gift of peace, love, and unity in our hearts.


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She cautioned that base on the current events that are happening in PDP  One will feel like everything seem to be falling apart, but I think it’s time we start by calling for true peace and reconciliations between the factional group.


Kaneng lamented that we need to keep all our personal interests, religious conflict, class and status, and other reasons aside and go back to our drawing board.


She solicited the of all PDP supporters to end the lingering crises and fix all lapses.

We need to spread love understanding amongst us so that we can promote togetherness because unity makes us stronger, not weaker in forgiveness and tolerance.



So, whether we like it or not we need each other, no matter our differences we can only stand strong and face our fears, face our goals, and most importantly face the world with strength together.



In Unity peace and love is the only thing that can make our opponent tremble.


At large,…! May



The blessing of peace,

The beauty of hope,

The spirit of love,

The comfort of faith continues to guide us all, which is the only thing that can bring us back on our feet, as Peoples Democratic party, PDP we are.



Merry Christmas and happy new year in Advance.

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