Middle Belt Youths Sanctions Yahaya Kwande, Unongo For Unguided Utterances

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Yakubu Busari

The National Leadership of the Middle Belt Youth Council has placed sanction on Ambassador Yahaya Kwande and Paul Onongo describing them as unpatriotic and betrayal to the progress of the zone.

In a press conference held at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Plateau state council on Friday, the Middle Belt Youth President, Comrade Emma Zopmal told journalists that the likes Ambassador Yahaya Kwande ,Mr Paul unongo are disgrace to them.

They have been blamed for making unguided utterances about the progress of the middle Belt for its nonexistence which their people were marginalized by the North.

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The youths leadership claimed they have lost confidence in Yahaya Kwande and Paul Unongo because of their selfish greed in supporting the North for their political benefits.

“We the middle Belt express our dissatisfaction with the level of hate filled speeches by some unguided groups of people or even government ,stressing this trend of sad development came as a result of government failure to address lingering fundamental socio economic ,geographical and political challenges for the common existence as a nation”.

Zopmal explained further that the middle Belt remind south to remain focus on the fight for restructuring rather than the cosmetic surgery which has created more problem to the country.

The middle Belt Youth called on their communities to put an end to this menace ,condemning that the Arewa are now comfortable with the present system because its benefits them more than any part of Nigeria .

The statement pointed that the north remains an obstacle to Nigeria instead of finding a common ground to eschew violence free solution to cooperate existence.

He urged federal government to douse these tensions through dialogue not by using its might on dissenting voices like some group by engaging aggrieved parties with the system who have lost confidence and trust in it.

“We also call on the Senior special Adviser to the President ,Garba Shehu to immediately withdraw his statement on rodents taking over the office of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria”, he added.

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