Medical Laboratory Association advocates for ultra-modern diagnostic center on the Plateau

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Yakubu Busari

The Plateau State branch Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria Chairman Dr. James G.Damen has advocated for ultra-modern diagnostic center with well trained staff to tackle the capacity need of medical tourism of  Nigerian abroad .

While declaring one week event open at the 4th annual scientists’ conference and workshop with theme, “New frontier in medical laboratory quality management system in Jos Hill station hotel conference hall.

Dr Damen admonishes that the competence of the laboratory science council of Nigeria is mandatory to monitoring laboratories for certification and accreditation and has obtained the prestigious membership of the international LAC with the first in West Africa.

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“we have notice the infiltration of our state of quacks with computer and digital devices deceiving our people that such devices can diagnose any form of diseases ,they move from church to church ,office to office ,village to village ,garage to garage”, he explained.

Damen solicited the support of the ministry of health to come up with a programme in the media station to enlighten the general public on these nefarious activities.

He appealed for upgrading of the public health laboratory because Plateau state have no public health laboratory, we suggest the upgrading of the infrastructure ,equipment and building to the capacity of the personnel in the public health laboratory to meet up with the modern public practice .

The chairman lamented that Nigeria continue to witness emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases such as hemorrhagic fever, Ebola and Lassa fever .

he called for a greater concern in the diagnosis of the etiologic agents and management of both communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Dr Damen suggested that Plateau state government should urgently develop a plan to have an ultra-modern diagnostic center with state of the art equipment and trained personnel to be able to diagnose and monitor treatment of diseases .

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