Medical And Dental Council Members Heavily Bribed Health To Stop Removal Of MD FMC Owerri

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By Fejiro Oliver

Angela UwakwemUnless the few honest members of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCAN) FMC, Owerri branch stand their ground and insist that the embattled Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, Dr (Mrs) Angela Uwakwem be kicked out; they will be arm twisted into passing a vote of confidence on her on Thursday (today) during an emergency meeting called.

A text message obtained by this reporter which reads: ‘There will be an emergency MDCAN meeting on Thursday 28th of May 2015, Time: 3pm prompt. Agenda: MDCAN final stand on the current impasse. Thank you. Dr Umeugokwe C.”

Plots that the MDCAN which should stand against any form of corrupt practices in the health sector have been compromises emerged on Tuesday when a three man delegate of the national body left the annual general meeting of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) which held in Oyo State drove straight to Owerri, with the aim of pacifying the local wing to soft pedal on their demand for Angela’s removal.

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The meeting which held at pinewood hotel had in attendance all Chairmen of MDCAN from South East region, a Professor of Medicine whose name is yet to be gotten, representatives of MDCAN from other states such as Lagos, Ekiti, etc, all post graduates examiners. From FMC, Owerri are Dr Duke (ARD FMC Owerri Chapter Chairman), Dr Ogborogu who is a consultant in ophthalmology department, Head of clinical Services, The MD herself and Dr Oparaocha (Director of Post Graduate). The meeting with the local chapter however ended in deadlock.

On arrival to the hospital, the message to the other members of the physician cabal was “PLEASE PROTECT YOUR OWN”. Again, it fell on deaf ears, because of what she has done against the consultants. Again, the meeting ended with a resolution.

On Tuesday night, MDCAN Delegate from the national body later reconvenes at City Global with FMC Owerri executive and pro MD people where members were forced to come out with a resolution which they refused. On Wednesday morning, a meeting was held again with the local wing of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) at City Global hotel by 6am to support Angela with positive resolution, which they refused again, until they meet their members. It had prominent members of the Medical doctors and Dentists body.

The ARD was told to give his consent for a statement to be made supporting the MD but he refused, stating that he needs to get the permission of his body before he can do such evil. He was allowed to go and convince them.



Information also filtering in is that some members of the FMOH have been bribed heavily by Angela with one Mr Linus Awute leading the pack. In a meeting which they held with union members, the alleged bribed officials noted that the union members are the Minister of Health who represents the President and that “so called unions don’t own the FMC Owerri more than it is owned by the Federal Government who employed them to work in the FMC”. Instead of looking into the fraud committed by Angela against the country, Linus stated that the union members were going.

Typical of the Nigerian system of protecting the corrupt, impaccable sources reveal that a panel which will be set up by the ministry permanent secretary will have in the committee same people who have always protected the corrupt MD for years. The investigation panel will ‘look’ into the allegations against her.

Those who will make up the panel are:

Director of Hospital Services

Dr Mrs Asunobi

Dr Mrs Onwudiwe, who is in charge of FMCs in the ministry

The Director in charge of Human Resources.

The civil service law in Nigeria states that anyone accused of such heavy fraud is asked to step aside, but these alleged partners in crime have discarded the law so as to pass a favorable judgment on her.


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