Man Who Is Bedridden For 11 Years, Cries Out For Help To Walk Again

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To behold the sight of a promising young man laying helplessly in one position for years, is something that could make anybody shed endless tears. This was the experience of when he visited Daniel Emori in his one room apartment at Dutse Makaranta at Bwari area council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), which was rented for him by a Good Samaritan who thought he could help him get back on his feet again.

It is obvious that if Daniel Emori was told by a seer when he was growing up as a healthy and lively looking man at the age of 21, that he would be subjected in one position before he clocked 22, he would have insulted that seer, irrespective of the person’s spiritual gift to foresee the future.
Speaking with Emori, a native of Adadama community in Abi local government area of Cross Rivers State, one could easily noticed that never in his wildest imagination, did he envisage that he would be prevented from pursuing his dreams in life as a young man, when he decided to seek for greener pasture at Onitsha in Anambra State.
However, despite 32 years old Emori’s good health and zest to make it in life as a young vibrant man, he has been subjected to a pitiable state by circumstances he never imagined for over 11years, which made him presently, not to think of any other thing, apart from a miracle that would make him walk again.
According to Emori, while speaking with it was after his Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE), in the year 2000 that he traveled to Onitsha in search of greener pasture, where he was employed in a plastic company as a machine operator.
“After two years that plastic company job was no longer conducive for me, so I went for driving lesson for six months, then I was later employed in one pharmaceutical company in Onitsha. October 10, 2003, I was on my usual official duty. That fateful morning, I was called by one of our customers who had placed a demand for a large quantity of goods, to use my vehicle to deliver the goods to her.
“When I got to her company, we waited for more than three hours without seeing her. I was on my way going out of her compound, when another customer stopped us. I parked my vehicle and came out to meet the customer, but I did not notice a strayed mad cow running behind me. Before I could realize what was happening, I was ruthlessly knocked down by the cow.
“I was rushed to a nearby clinic, and then I was later referred to University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital in Enugu state. After the medical personnel undertook some medical scan, they discovered that I have cervical spine injury, which was in my neck. I was asked to pay N75, 000 emergency fee, when I could not pay it, they refused to operate on me to correct it,” he said.
Emori said amidst tears of pains that the doctor made him to understand that despite they were operating a government hospital, most of their facilities were not functioning. So, in a situation like his, they had to charge the patient in order to rent the needed surgical equipment.
“It was when we could not afford the N75,000, they discharged me after spending up to four months in the hospital. Since I was discharged, I have been disabled and helplessly bedridden. All my efforts to get assistance from both local and state governments have been futile. In October 2013 that I got in touch with a journalist on Facebook and I told him about my condition, that I seriously needed help.
“He got my picture through Facebook and started sharing it for people to see, luckily for me, a Senior Pastor of Lifelink World Outreach Ministry, Rev. Charles Asledu got touched by my condition. He got in contact with the journalist and he brought him to my house on the 28 January 2014. When the Senior Pastor saw me, he agreed to do what he could to help me.
“On February 1, 2014, he sent me to Abuja, referring me to Primus International Hospital at Karu in Abuja. When we got there, the medical personnel requested for a deposit of N150,000 for admission, which Pastor Asledu paid, then they requested for N200,000 for medical examination, he also paid it.
“It was after the medical examination, they discovered the injury in my neck bone, one in my rib and that I also have urethral problem. So, they said that we should pay N1.6m for the three surgeries, which the Pastor deposited without wasting time. The surgery was done on February 10, but my urethral system got some complication. I was discharged on March 6, with an instructiom to be going for monthly checkup,” he said.
He further explained that in order, to make it possible for him to good for the monthly check-up, the Pastor Asledu rented a one room apartment for him in Abuja at the cost of N150,000, saying that it was after eight months that the doctor referred him to a Physiotherapist to strengthen his neck bone, since it has been fixed.
“To the dismay of the good hearted Senior Pastor Asledu, who thought that everything would be fine after the surgery,  he paid another N144,000 at Optimal Health Centre where I would be going for the physiotherapy and rehabilitation, so that they can attend to me for two weeks. It was after then that they gave us a bill of N5,184,000 to be under their custody for one year.
“That was when the Senior Pastor said he was not financially buoyant enough to pay the N5,184,000. I truly appreciate the effort of the Pastor, because, he came to my rescue after laying in one position for over 10 years, with the hope that he would be able to give me a life again. But, I am still in the same condition in need of more financial assistance. I seriously need the help of Nigerians to assist me from where the Pastor stopped.
“Before the Senior Pastor Asledu left me in Abuja, he employed somebody to be taking care of me at home, whom he has been paying N30,000 every month and also giving us N30,000 every month to feed and he has been buying by drugs for me every month. What I need now is the money to make me a man again, to be back on my feet and become useful to myself and my aged mother in the village.
“I have not been able to sit down or even move my legs for the past 11years, my legs are swollen and I do not feel any sensation on them. This how I have been lying down for the past 11years, I cannot even turn to left or right. The Physiotherapist examined me and told me that there is hope for me, if I can pay that N5.1m, that there might be injury in my knees. That I have to also see an orthopedic  doctor for a knee replacement.
“I really need the help of Nigerians to continue with my treatment.  I am appealing to well meaning Nigerians, the government and individual to assist me. I am completely down financially to continue my treatment and I do not have any body to turn to, because, my father died six years after my accident and my mother is old in the village,” he said.

Any well meaning Nigerian that God touches to assist Mr Daniel Emori, could pay money into his Fidelity Bank Account with details: Daniel Imo Emori, Account No: 6160829205 or First-Bank, Account No: 3045515111. He could also be reached on 08098929156 and 08086387108 for further information on how to assist him.

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