Loss of Primary Election: Maku to make Position Known today By Rabiu Omaku, Lafia

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Universalreporters247.com gathered the immediate past Minister of  Information Labaran Maku may make his position known today at a meeting scheduled to take place today at Nasarawa Eggon.
The scheduled meeting is expected to commence at 4:00 pm at undisclosed location, it was reliably gathered the aggrieved politician may make his stand clear today.
Other vital issues to be discuss is the fielding of Barrister John Matthew as the running mate to Yusuf Agabi, the nomination of the lawyer turned politician (boy) to Barrister  Solomon Ewuga, the most celebrated Eggon son didn’t go down well with stakeholders of PDP in Nasarawa Eggon.
Insider revealed that other burning issues to be discussed by the Eggons stakeholders at today’s meeting is also the security situation in Nasarawa North. A frontline politician who spoke on the condition of anonymity avvered that the crème-de la crème of Eggon people contributes money to security agents deployed to troubled area of Arugbadu, Bakyono, Arikya etc.
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Universalreporters247.com can authouritatively reveals that the Nasarawa Eggon has seen a lot of skirmishes, as this cannot be farfetched from the invasion of Eggon settlement by warrior suspected to be Fulani mercenaries hired by the State Government.
Other villages displaced by people identified to be pastoral nomads are Abagu, Agbulagu, Fefe Ruwa, Wayo, Fadman Bauna, Tudun Wada, Tudun Adubu, Al-Waza, mostly Eggon settlements were deserted, some were attacked while some communities displaced over threat of attack.

As of this moment, there was mass movement of people from the volatile zones to a safer place, mostly those affected in the mass exodus includes the under age, women and the aged.

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