Looters List: Sowore’s #Takebacknigeria Movement Declares APC And PDP To Be Two Sides Of The Same Bad Coin

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Take Back Nigeria movement is appalled that the APC and the PDP have so terribly debased the seriousness of governance that they have now resorted to publishing public lists showing which party is more corrupt than the other.


Since 1999, the APC and PDP have ruled Nigeria, and we have nothing to show for it as a people. Now, these two wrecking machines are trying to take Nigerians for another horrendous four-year ride in 2019.


We want to make it clear to both parties that Nigerians are saying to them “Enough is Enough.”


For every looter called Uche Secondus in the PDP, there is aBukola Saraki from the APC. For every seizure of our sisters from Chibok under the PDP, there is an equally disastrous assault on our daughters in Dapchi, under the APC.


Our movement believes that Nigeria deserves better than these evil twins of corruption and mismanagement called APC and PDP. Our movement notes that despite all the lip service being paid to anti-corruption by the Buhari government, not a single major conviction of corrupt politicians has been concluded by this administration.


The Take Back Nigeria movement will not allow those who have collectively worked to mortgage Nigeria’s future, to white wash and rewrite their sordid history before our very eyes.


We want both the APC and PDP to know that Take Back Nigeria movement have declared that it is our sacred duty to remind Nigerians of the atrocities that have been perpetuated on the Nigerian people by both parties.


We are vigilant. We are watching. We will call out falsehoods. We will expose the corruption of both the PDP and the APC.


Never again will we allow our nation’s destiny to be turned into a commodity to be passed around by the same men and women, who have ruined this nation for almost three decades, and whose only difference is the most recent name by which they choose to call themselves.


We make this solemn pledge to Nigerians, that a government led by our movement will move quickly to bring every looter of our common wealth and every abuser of our nation’s laws to justice.


Nigeria MUST progress!!

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