Local Council Election Cannot Be Postponed Again, Charges PLASIEC To Be Credible– Hon Nshe

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Yakubu Busari

The PDP electoral committee chairman in the forthcoming local government election in Plateau state, Hon. Kemi Nicolas Nshe Hude has advised that electoral umpire to be transparent, fair and credible in its conduct of the council election in the state.

He pointed out that it is not within the power of the ruling APC government in the state to postpone an election.

In an interview with our reporter in Jos, he promised PDP readiness to clinch the council polls.

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The Excerpt:

Sir, what are your plans for the forth coming local government election in Plateau state?

Is not for me to say, is the party we are representing. We have been mandated , of course , as we go ln there, to perform our various functions, at our various local government to see the best we can do for the fact that our party is in opposition. Though not quite opposition, just that one mistake or the other was made, we find ourselves into this. I know PDP is Plateau state, and plateau state is PDP. I think we are the only party that is ready for the local government election in the state.

I want to challenge them that even if PLASIEC postpones they will still not be prepared. Eighty percent of the people are PDP. Consultation is ongoing, l still want to tell you that we are going to sweep the( 17) local government Councils in the state if the election is free, fair and credible.

By APC’s body language and peradventure, they decide to postpone the election, what will be your reaction?

They would not postpone the election on their own. The election is a collective thing. Is not APC that would decide? For the fact that APC is the ruling party, does not mean that APC would override the other parties. They have to consult with PLASIEC and also with other political parties. There is this IPAC, a committee set -up to discuss with the political parties and the INEC. APC alone can’t decide the fate of the conduct of the local government election in the state, l don’t think so.

 You are talking with lots of confidence are you undermining the power of incumbency knowing well that there is this saying that says; “He who pays the piper dictates the tune.”

On the plateau, the local government election is not just going to be conducted for the first time. There have been previous two or three elections, during governor Dariye administration, if you could recall back, Langtang South and one other local government were having issues, because people spoke when PDP was in power. In the subsequent year, Langtang South and Bokkos went to the opposition party, so this one will not be different. When the people speak, the thing is this, you cannot rule without cohesion, this democracy is a game of the people, if not the people, you cannot be there. If you dare it, you are calling for a crisis on the plateau. Plateau is fragile; we are just coming out from a crisis. We urge the government; whoever wins the election should be given.

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