Late Kaduna State Deputy Gov.’s Wife, Step Son At War Over Property

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Late Stephen Shakari
The matrimonial crisis rocking late Engineer Stephen Shekari Family, former deputy Governor of Kaduna state has assumed a diabolic dimension, as the first son has accused his step mother, charity Atonza Shekari of sending hired assassin after him for crying out loud over his father’s estate.
According to George Shekari, the first born who has been on exile in Borno state, one of the notorious havens of the Islamists fundamentalists, Boko Haram became the only safe place as his life was no longer safe in Kaduna state.

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Trouble according to George started shortly after the demise of his father and the various attempts by Charity, now a director of Nigeria postal services in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital; to covert his father’s landed property in Kaduna and Abuja to hers.
“out of the 36 landed property, she cornered almost all the choice properties in Abuja and released the ones in Kaduna that are not economically viable. My step mother, Saratu whom she chased out of the matrimonial home sued her in a law court all to no avail, not even the intervention of the Kaduna state government could stop her” he said
Charity shekari is not strange to scandal, when she is not courting one she is creating another.
Global village Extra learnt her marriage to Shekari who died on Charity’s laps in Israel when they were on holiday still remain a topic of discussion in Kaduna  almost a decade after the passage of the late deputy governor.
Source told Global Village Extra that Charity had earlier lost her first husband, Mr Pam an indigene of plateau state before she snatched the late deputy governor who also died in a mysterious circumstance.
A prominent female politician, from southern Kaduna, who is a serving commissioner in the state Global village Extra learnt has adopted George and vowed to give him all the legal bites to recover his father’s property from the all-powerful Charity.
When Charity was contacted she denied the allegation and insisted she has not seen George in the last five years. In fact she alleged blackmail.
“They are out to blackmail me, so that they will say come and pay let me step down the story” she said

Source: Global Village Extra

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