Lassa Fever Scourge: Plateau Govt Train 2,800 Workers Of  SIP To Prevent Spread Of The Disease

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Yakubu Busari


The Executive Assistant to the Governor of Plateau State on social Investment Program Dr Sumaye Hamza has emphasized on the  need for household cleanness that can  help prevent the  wide spread of Lassa Fever scourge in Nigeria by calling on 17 Local Government areas desk  coordinators to educate, enlighten people on danger of addressing the disease.


Speaking during the awareness creation on Lassa Fever scourge prevention to strategic partners on national home grown school feeding on Monday in Jos.


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She lamented over the disturbing health issues bedeviling the country, saying, the Lalong government has taken adequate measure towards addressing the prevailing outbreak of the Lassa Fever.


The participants were cooks, head teachers , education secretaries, desk officers, health volunteers and SIP staff.

Dr Hamza charges home grown feeding program to emphasize more on the method of feeding children with quality foods and avoid ingestion of food or materials that are contaminated by infected food.



She urged them to give priority to good sanitation good waste disposal and covering of food to prevent rats coming in contact  with the food.


According to her, the recent Conronavirus, Lassa Fever outbreak had drew the attention of Plateau State government to embark on training for 220,000 who are currently by over 2,800 cocks across the 17 LGGs.




Dr Sumaye pointed out that the recent health challenge in Nigeria was cause by species of rodent referred to as multimammate rat recorded over the difference parts of the country so as agent of government they are making all effort to bring it under control.




She reiterated that the hand washing is one key point in keeping hyegine by calling on them to report any outbreak of the disease to prevent the widespread of the scourge from getting many people contacting it.

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