Langtang North Chairman Commends Fed Govt RRR On Reducing Poverty In Plateau

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Yakubu Busari,

The Executive Chairman of Langtang North Local Government Council of Plateau State ,Hon Joshua Ubandoma Laven has commended the federal government policy of covid-19 pandemic on rapid response register ,RRR,program to cushion the effect of the poor of the poorest vulnerable communities in Plateau which can impact positively to the people who can’t afford a square meal .


Speaking to journalists at CSDS office, ,Laven rate the program as one of the best things that has ever happened to this country which is very transparent, saying the exercise had encouraged him a lot .


He said with the introduction of the rapid response register program, we may have the least crisis and from what I saw Langtang North is the poorest of all the LGAs in Plateau state the mentioning here that just one ward and one community.


Laven explains that, he thinks, is inadequate and grossly insufficient to the entire people that are very poor in Langtang north, which has more of the poor of the very poorest in Nigeria .


According to him ,even in the metropolitan council headquarters there are poor persons talking less of the remote villages like Gwandamun ,Kumkum,Nzam Tung and Tamtam including others communities that are poor of the poorest vulnerable.



He said the problem is just there,  but I want to commend this rapid response register team for their wonderful and transparent exercise in conducting a survey of a remote community in Langtang north which shows that they are really working .


Joshua Laven disclosed that some these communities can’t afford a handset this is where as chairmen of the poorest vulnerable communities in Plateau we need to assist them with the handsets.


He added that after a careful analysis of the mandatory cash transfer ,schools feeding programs ,he advocated that the program be introduced as part of government procurement policy because the exercise is too transparent .

Hon Joshua Laven revealed because of the transparent nature of the cash transfer program it would be very difficult for a contractor to abscond with money meant for a particular project and he or she most do his work .


He maintained that there are so many poor communities that needed the federal government intervention soliciting for more expansion towards improving the well-being of the poorest vulnerable communities in Nigeria.

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