Land Grabbing Continues In  Wase LGA, Jawondo, As The  Kadarko Chiefdom Is Alleged To Be Presently Overran

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Yakubu Busari

There is tension mounting in Wase Land over land grabbing in the LGA, as Kadarko chiefdom raised alarm over massive influx of foreign Fulani herders from the neighbouring Chad, Niger, Senegal and Mali who were imported in their thousands with women and children as they’ve begun building in Tarok ancestral farmlands.

A visitation panel was constituted that were scheduled to visit Jawondo under kadarko chiefdom on  15th June 2021, but the Ponzhi Kadarko, HRH Lot Nden sent a representative to follow the committee,  including the youths but were chased away by the Wase Police DPO who insisted that  Ponzhi kadarko most not be represented except the Ponzhi kadarko himself is present.

It was also revealed that the DPO after his vehement refusal proceeded to Jawondo by compelling the village head to a pen his signature on some documents allegedly as a sign of conceding the settlement to the Fulani’s as original owners (indigenes) and not foreigners as claims.

“It would be recalled, these foreigners were asked to vacate the settlement during the regime, Sen. Jonah David Jang as the original landowners the Tarok, however, and with the present leadership threatening to forcefully evict and convert the land to Fulani herders is gradually gaining attention from the council “.

The Jang administration deported the same people back to Bauchi but they return back trying to allegedly try to connive with the Wase Emirate in bringing them back to the area.

However, the Ngwan I shi Otarok Wase branch said since they have a second class chief as  Ponzhi kadarko, HRH  Lot Nden has continued to witness different threats to his life and his people from foreigners.

The Tarok Nation frowned at the way and manner a traditional father, who is the custodian of his people is constantly harassed by land grabbers.

Then when the secretary of traditional council extended an invitation to Ponzhi kadarko chiefdom he swiftly sent a representative who happened to be the Waziri kadarko chiefdom as well as Ponzhi Dokya of kadarko chiefdoms with two palace guards to witness the inspection.

The Tarok nation accused the  DPO of acting as a  Surveyor-General of the state to push for boundary adjustment also preventing a Paramount ruler  HRH  Lot Nden not to be represented during a function.

The state should act fast to nip in the bud this looming crisis before the issue degenerate into full conflict because the Emir of Wase utterances has not been good as he was cautioned by HRH the Ponzhi kadarko to withdraw his statement but he said no and  Since the returned of democracy in 1998, the Tarok speaking natives of Wase Local Government Council have continued to suffer the economic and political onslaught with over 5,000 people were brutally massacred in Lamba,Gwaram, Safiyo,Nasarawa, Damna, Sabon-layi ,Lohkan, Bashar , Wase headquarters, finung , Dam including 20 settlement.




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