Land Fraud: Police Arrest  Ife Town Planning Deputy director

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The Deputy Director Town Planning for Ife Central Local Government in Osun State was arrested for fraudulently selling a land that belongs to Prince Seyi Adefisan at Parakin Obalufe Layout at Ife.

The arrest which was took place on Wednesday 10th February 2016 was carried out by the State Police CID bureau.

Parakin Obalufe layout is a government scheme and the most prestigious residential neighbourhood in Ile Ife therefore the land in this estate are popular and attracts premium. The land worth N15m was bought by Prince Seyi Adefisan through a direct allocation from Ife Central Local Government in 1996 and he perfected his title to the ownership. The following year, 1997, Prince Adefisan obtained a fencing permit to erect a fence and a gate on the land.

Prince Adefisan lives in London, but he comes to Nigeria regularly, and sometimes in mid January 2016 he received a phone call from Nigeria, while he was in London, that some activities were noticed on his site.

It later transpired that Mr. Akeem Oseni Adebisi, the Deputy Director, Town Planning was behind the misdeed.

Mr. Akeem Oseni Adebisi had gone to the site to break the gate, padlock and chains used to secure it and allegedly looted all items that were left on his property by Prince Adefisan. He was accused of disposing of all valuable items such as block making machine, concrete mixers, iron rods, cements and other building materials and equipment.

Having cleared the site any evidence of occupation, he allegedly began to market the site saying that the owner has died and that land belonging to owners who has died are reallocated by him on behalf of the council after six years.

Prince Diran Adewoyin  the ready cash buyer, although should have smelled rat as the land sold to him was fenced and gated, parted away with N7.5m and was sold half of the plot by Mr. Akeem Oseni Adebisi who collected the money but allegedly only paid N1.8m into the local government covers so as to receive government backing and legitimize what he was doing illegally.

The remaining half of the plot was allegedly sold to the retired Director Town Planing Ife, Mr. Ola ROtimi. Prince Diran Adewoyin, who paid out the N7.5m was told that he should complete building of a house on top of the land within 3 months.

Prince Adewoyin following this cue mobilised onto site sufficient building materials and 18 workmen to rush and complete the building works  before Prince Adefisan could get wind of whatever is happening in London. Unfortunately, Prince Adefisan got information in well enough time and quickly stopped the construction works which that have reached the digging of the foundation stage.

Prince Seyi Adefisan had to make a quick trip to Nigeria and arrived last week and immediately filed a complaint with the police leading to the offenders being caught red handed carrying out construction on his site without his knowledge and all including Deputy Director Town Planning Mr. Akeem Oseni Adebisi were detained.

In his statement to the police after arrest, Oseni stated that he was not the only one involved in the deal. According to sources,he mentioned the legal adviser to the council, Barrister Bisi Oladosu, the Director of Town Planning Mr. Charles Adewoyin and  the local government chairman.

They were all arrested and now being investigated and possibly charged for malicious damage to property, theft and criminal felony.

As at the time of filing this report,all those arrested have been granted administrative bail while those yet to be picked up such as Mr. Charles Adewoyin and Dr. Taiwo Olaiya have been invited for interview.

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