Lalong Chief Of Staff, Former Deputy Governor Longjan Fingered In Alleged Witch-Hunt Of  PDP Members Working In Qua ‘An Pan LGA

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Yakubu Busari

Some civil servants working in Local Government Councils are undergoing mass sacking and suspension without salaries in Plateau state findings reveal?

One Comrade Dasok Dayil Mark told our correspondent how two Quaan Pan top politicians blackmailed because he was a supporter of the People Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2015 general election.

He said, “I was suspended in April 2016 by Governor Lalong’s chief of Staff, Mr John Dafan and the former Deputy Governor, Hon Ignatius Longjan through the local government service commission.

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“The Chief of staff before my suspension accused me of being a political thug that had cause havoc to the APC led administration, of which they transferred me from Quaan,Pan to Bokkos LGA .

“They vow to embark on indiscriminate transfers and suspension of civil servants who were PDP supporters in the state.”

Meanwhile this medium gathered that some former NULGE staff alleged that the APC now play harsh game of blackmailing some staff alleged to have been involved in electioneering campaign in support of PDP in 2015.

Dasok accused the Lalong’s government of indiscriminate sacking of staff who are allegedly involved in the 2015 general election and are strong supporters of the People Democratic Party (PDP) in Qua’an Pan Local Government Area.

Former Nigerian Union of Local Employees (NULGE) Chairman Qua’an pan that is presently redeployed to Bokkos Local Government Council, Comrade Mark Dasok has been sacked by the Chief of Staff.

He said Lalong and the former deputy governor Ignatius Longjan were alleged to be behind his suspension from office because after the meeting held by stakeholders of PDP, some youths denied Longjan access to the venue.

The former deputy governor Ignatius Longjan who defected to APC played the role of APC in the last election whereby the supporters believed that he was responsible for the PDP losing the state.

According to him, he was frustrated out of work as it is now getting to two years he is at home without salary and he added that the chief of staff to governor Lalong also ordered the Local Government service Commission to stop paying his monthly salary.

He explained further that he had accident where his leg undergone surgery at Med View.

Comrade Mark told our correspondent that since his suspension in 2016 he is presently staying at home without salary and wife is jobless.

The NULGE Chairman cried out that the APC government has decided to punish him and his entire household for sin he knows nothing about.

Mrs Dasok Mark appealed to Governor Simon Lalong to intervene on her husband, as well pay him all the salary areas he is being owed, as they finding it difficult to survive now under the present economic hardship.

She expressed hope that her husband will be restated back to work because of his health challenges.

Mrs Mark begged Governor Lalong’s chief of staff and the former Deputy Governor Ignatius Longjan to address the problem and restore back her husband to work.

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