You Lack Ideas On How To Handle Nightmares Surrounding Your Shattered Dreams In Political And Social Life, Lalong’s Aide Nanle Replies John Akans

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The Universal Reporters online Headline of November 1,2017 captioned’ I lost my Toyota SUV after I received threats from Gov Lalong and APC Chair Letep Dabang’ credited to Plateau State PDP Publicity Secretary Mr John Akan is not only vexatious and libelous but is to say the least the unimaginable outburst of a man living in the trance of his perceived importance.

The Statement of the PDP spokesperson is the height of the elevation of buffoonery   because it obviously shows the ignorance of Mr Akans as to the  implication of that statement.

While talk is cheap and wisdom is grossly lacking in the expression and for which the Governor of plateau would obviously not have gratified with a response, it has become pertinent to so do, so the cheap capital that Akans seeks to get from politicizing the theft of his so called SUV car is not allowed to gain any public value.

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The Governor of plateau State finds it necessary to state that though the statement denigrates the exalted  office which he occupies he would rather warn Mr Akans that ignorance of the law is not an excuse and that should he  further engage in a character assassination of his person, he will appropriately address the matter through the instrumentality of the law.

For now he would rather sympathise with him as a person in a state of trauma bereft of ideas on  how to address the nightmares surrounding his shattered dreams in political and social life.

This generous consideration would however not be available with a second libelous public statement.


Samuel Emmanuel Nanle(Director of Press and Public Affairs to The Executive Governor of Plateau State.)

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