Kwankwaso’s Legacies are Indelible

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Hamza Ibrahim Chinade

Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the immediate past governor of Kano state and presently  the senator representing Kano central at the Senate is by some measures the most outstanding governor in terms of recording tangible achievements that are of immense benefit to the people of Kano, the entire north and somewhat to the country at large. That is so, taking into cognizance the different sectors he heavily invested in: education, health, engineering, agriculture, science and technology, human development, societal reorientation, women and youth empowerment, trade and commerce etc. From whichever angle you take a look at his legacies you must surely be amazed and probably start thinking about what informed his foresight especially at a time when most political leaders have less concern for long term projects and investments.

No doubt, that in just four years Sen. Kwankwaso succeeded in swiftly transforming the ancient and commercial hub of West Africa into a modern day glittering and flashy city, giving it a new look that nobody anticipated will happen in such a near future. Kano has now become a tourists destination for northerners and other Nigerians who have never seen flashy flyovers and underpasses, pedestrian bridges that reduce accidents and ease traffic flow. I can still remember when the Kofar Nasarawa flyover was launched it almost became a tourists center for attracting jubilating fellows who pose to take pictures of all kinds, courtesy of Kwankwaso.

Kwankwaso succeeded in decongesting the boring hold-ups of Kano by creating numerous alternatives such as flyovers, underpasses, and other roads. Having established the Northwest University, sponsored hundreds of Kano indigenes to pursue their Master’s and Doctorate degrees in science and technology, engineering, medicine, etc abroad, and rehabilitated thousands of youths and employed them in various government initiatives and programmes, Sen. Kwankwaso now stands unbeatable in Kano and northern polity, his thousands of landmark achievements will remain indelible in the eyes and minds of ‘Kanawa’, no matter what!

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When search for his successor was ongoing, there have been skepticisms, doubts and uncertainties as to who the cap best fits, and eventually his then deputy Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje emerged amidst series of concerns about his capability with some questioning his boldness, foresight, and endurance but Kwankwaso altruistically put hope and confidence in the man that now wants to play the betrayal game. For whatever reason Ganduje chose to crackdown on his boss, the Hausas have an adage that says ‘Yaro bar murna karen ka ya kama zaki….’ roughly translated as “boy, stop celebrating your challenge that your dog has captured a lion”, so much still lies ahead.

The recent dramatic decision of the Kano State House of Assembly ordering that all Kwankwaso’s capital projects carrying inscription of ‘Kwankwasiyya’ be erased shows an obvious derailment from important legislative duties, to a rather partisan sycophancy aimed at pleasing the very authority, that ordinarily should be policed by them. The danger here is, pleasing as the action may sound to the government and its friends, but every sensible person knows that the state legislature is fueling and supporting the Kano state government to crackdown on an icon who laid the foundation and structures that the government now enjoys. While Sen. Kwankwaso maintains his statesmanship and humility by saying nothing even as sometimes condition warrants that he does so, Gov. Ganduje has on various occasions publicly accused the past administration of certain wrongdoings, a stance which many public commentators deem as a poor judgment or rather shooting himself in the foot.

Rename or erase the word ‘Kwankwasiyya’ on hundreds of public structures or not, in hundred years to come people will still remember and testify that Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is a legend that must be cherished and imitated. Funny enough as the drama goes, Kwankwaso in his humanitarian and selfless service to the society assisted hundred men and women with all the necessary logistics to get married, but, when the wedding ceremony was scheduled, Kano state government stopped the ceremony from holding, I still wonder what the motive of this silly decision might be.

I find it outrageous that a government which claims to be serving people will stop a donation that will rid the society of its problems. Ordinarily it should warmly embrace and support all kinds of interventions from generous and well meaning individuals such as Kwankwaso. Perhaps Kano state government or the police wouldn’t have stopped Dangote, Isiyaka Rabiu or Shekarau if they attempted doing what Kwankwaso had wanted to do, then why Kwankwaso? A stream that crosses a path cannot be stopped (Ashanti Proverb), a word is enough for the wise.

Hamza Ibrahim Chinade is of the Center for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) Kano, [email protected] 08039467382.

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