Katagum Federal Constituency:  The Need For Hon Ibrahim Baba’s Continuity

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Never in the history of Nigerian politics had we ever for once heard or seen a leader who leads with an example, gives regard and help like Honorable Ibrahim Baba. A leader who is always after his people irrespective of their religion or background and aims at fulfilling them. A leader who is capable and answers the name leader.


Honorable Ibrahim Baba is so compassionate and kind; he rooted these and owned a sound orientation since at infancy. In his bid to make his people jubilant and his land developed, he brought a lot of positive achievements to his constituency. Imagine it how others desert from their people after they got elected. But Ibrahim Baba is exceptional, he listens and cares for the interest of the people he represents. Really Honorable Ibrahim Baba deserves a second term.


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What a miracle it is for someone to touch all the aspects of life in just three years in office and emphatically develop the society. Regarding the necessities, Ibrahim Baba left no single stone untouched. How sturdy is Ibrahim Baba doing things out of the world which none that has come before him had ever done.  The Hon. Ibrahim Bab is our first reserve as he deserves.


Being a Member representing Katagum federal Constituency at the green chamber who got elected during the last general election under the change mantra, that doesn’t grant him the opportunity to feed himself, though great and humble. Such is the kind and set of people we should vote as our leaders. We already have faith to the core that Honorable Ibrahim Baba is the most simple of all. Why can’t we give him second chance since he is generous and a leader in all?


Unlike other representatives who favours themselves first, their family and later on squander people’s fund for their selfish demands, For Hon. Ibrahim Baba he is exceptional, he favors his people because they voted him into power. This is among the circumstances which make him the best member of National Assembly Katagum federal constituency has ever had. He brought the humongous number of developmental projects for the betterment of his people. It’s not an illusion or conjures that with all the economic recession the previous administration plunged this country into; within three years in office Honorable Ibrahim Baba has touched the lives of everyone most especially the poor people across the constituency, which is another mark that rates him among the best member of the 8th Assembly. This is enough to show how determined and potent Hon Ibrahim Baba is.


He is without a doubt a blessing to the political arena of Katagum, Bauchi state and our dear country as a whole. It is just true that God listens to his servants, in reply to our prayers and calls; Our Good God has sent Ibrahim Baba to remedy the damages and revamp the wearing’s. How fictitious it is, in just three years a single man had recorded numerous and uncountable achievements during his effective representation. Some of which are briefly elucidated below.;


There is a witty saying “education is legacy “. We believe that education is light and freedom. Educating people and society is better than giving them a token because money could be exhausted while knowledge acquired cannot. In his quest to rejuvenate education in order to lighten and free his constituents from the slavery of ignorance,  he donated three commuter buses to the students of tertiary institutions ( two for Bauchi state University Gadau and one to Aminu Saleh College of Education Azare) to support their academic movements. He completely built a computer center at Chinade Town in order to make them familiar with e-system, be aware and acquire the knowledge of Computer as students cannot do without Computer in this era of Information communication and digital technology. He also built blocks of classes in different villages so as to accommodate and encourage students within the constituency in places like; Buskuri, Kujuru, Kakudi, Chinade and Madara Wards. As a leader who always studies the needs of his people, Ibrahim Baba completely built three integrated Islamiyya schools in the following places within the Constituency; Aishatu Bint Abubakar at Makarahuta Azare, Tudun Lamarudu Azare, and Dagaiwa Village.


In addition to that, in his hope to inculcate the reading habit among primary pupils Hon. Ibrahim Baba donated thousands of textbooks and other reading materials to almost all the primary schools within the constituency. Before Students sits on the bare floor,  but Ibrahim Baba has changed that scenario as he also donated hundreds of desk to Umar Farouk upper Basic and primary school Azare. And now the students are looking so neat. Really with Hon Ibrahim Baba in power, we shall definitely enjoy the power of knowledge. Again, Honorable Ibrahim Baba strives in religious affairs as he donated a brand new car to Central Mosque Azare and also donated over 100 Gasoline Generators to mosques within the constituency for the welfare of the worshippers.


Two trucks of food items were also donated to IDP’s residing within Kagatum Federal Constituency to keep them away from begging and hunger. In the same manner, he donated the sum of two million ( N2 million) Cash to the victims of Azare Central Market Inferno that engulfed over 700 shops to serve as a relief to them.


“Health is a wealth”, ” Healthy people are wealthy people “. If schools are built, companies are erected, wealth saturated but when health is depleted, no one again will tend to run the affairs of such society to its greatness due to lack of health, in this regard, Honorable Ibrahim Baba couldn’t sit and fold his arms as he definitely sees to the health needs of his people as he donated two ambulances, one to FMC Azare and the other one to Bulkachuwa General Hospital all in a bid to ease the movement of patients to hospitals very effective. He then unhesitatingly facilitated the establishment of the school of nursing Azare all in a bid to breed healthcare professionals. The problem of health will soon be a history under the able leadership of Hon. Ibrahim Baba.


Before, poor people are afraid of bringing their loved ones to hospitals because they can’t afford the bills and they’re also charged huge amount of monies, this is as, a huge number of poor people doesn’t have enough money to settle or purchase the medicines prescribed to them. This problem is already tackled to the lowest ebb by Honorable Ibrahim Baba as he pays bills to poor people whenever the need arises. To be just and frank Hon. Ibrahim Baba is a father and leader at the same time a man who considers his people as his blood sons and daughters. We own nothing to pay such a patriotic leader and a caring leader but to continue praying, wishing long life and give him another chance to do better than he has already start.


Unpleasant things keep occurring everywhere; the case of kidnapping, armed robbery and numerous other social vices and crimes and these occur due to that fact that people do engage in these acts mainly due to lack of jobs. Some are graduates but still jobless for many years. To do away with joblessness, Honorable Ibrahim Baba secured appointments for over 250 Constituents of Katagum in different ministries and parastatals because he is always after the happiness and development of his people. Our female parents were also not left behind, as he has empowered them by donating sewing machines to 50 women across the constituency, by now, they own a source of income, while for those that don’t have certificate, but are skilled, he donated 100 motorcycles and over 50 cars to different people from all the nook and crannies within the constituency so that they get means of income to feed themselves and cater for their problems without difficulties. This is how a leader is supposed to be, having mercy over his people. On boosting the entrepreneur which is another phase of business. Hon Ibrahim Baba in his generosity donated N100, 000 to hundred people; N100, 000 to each across Katagum constituency to start a small scale business in their various places of living. This has been a lightening for being the first of its kind in the history of Katagum. Really Hon Ibrahim Baba is the only word without a synonym.


Fear dominates our hearts due to lack of security. But Hon Ibrahim Baba played a vital role in this area as he singlehandedly facilitated the establishment of School of Civil Defense in Azare due to this effort the case of stealing and other immoral acts are deterred. Again, he secured appointments to 30 young people into the Nigerian Civil Defence, Nigerian Immigration Service, and Nigerian Army. How caring is this leader? Imagine.


Starting from 2015 to date, the workaholic member has contributed in making problems of water a thing of past by constructing copious overhead tanks across the constituency. Really Hon. Ibrahim Baba is extraordinary and difficult to find a leader like him. For our betterment why not give him a second chance?


Some years back, people in rural areas suffered in terms of coming to urban for any reason, be it private or financial one. Honorable Ibrahim Baba under his vigilant leadership has constructed feeder roads in Gambaki, Gangai and the road linking Bidawa-Gafada and Gobirawa villages which now makes to people find it very easy to pass unlike before more especially during the raining season. He also facilitated the constructions of culverts through ecological Fund program at Bayan Government Day Azare and Makabarta Street Azare which were recently commissioned by the state minister of foreign affairs. Now water passes easily.


Regarding electricity which has now become a life running partner. Hon Ibrahim Baba has touched this important sector by playing an important role in providing his constituents with stable power by working tirelessly to see the best in the sector; as he installed new electric transformers in the different location within the constituency.


The most adorable and captivating attitudes of Honorable Ibrahim Baba are; honesty and kindness towards the support of his party (APC) and President Muhammadu Buhari. He is so loyal and respectful to the President as they share identical goals- making Nigeria great. This is among the reasons why Hon Ibrahim Baba made a stand and promised never to leave his party and the President’s company. He will, however, remain in APC no matter how nasty the situation may be just because of his pure and effective goals.


Certainly, we shall never lose this single opportunity of recalling the saying, “opportunity comes at once”. Indeed to Katagum federal constituency, this man called Hon. Ibrahim Baba is the only opportunity we will ever have. Being just, patriotic and simple, surely he is the only one we have to in order to get developments in our constituency and Nigeria in togetherness with the President as they share the same goals of making Nigeria great.


Considering the aforementioned projects been fully executed by Hon Ibrahim Baba in just three years in office, he has guaranteed us that he has more beautiful goals to establish. For that, he deserves a second term in order to complete the work he has started and more new ones.



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