Kashamu In Land-Grabbing Mess, Uses Thugs To Disperse Land Owners? Bulldoze Structures

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Ogun State senator, Kashamu Buruji, is enmeshed in land-grabbing issue. Gun-wielding thugs were alleged to have been used to chase away landowners.

The land, measuring about 9 hectares, located? at Ibu Omi Nla, Ogombo, Eti Osa, Lekki, Lagos was said to have been originally allotted to corporate organisations and individuals by the Kafaru and Ogunleye families.

All existing structures on the land were later bulldozed, under the watchful eyes of the thugs, who had been stationed at strategic places, for the purpose.

According to one of the affected landowners who did not want name in print, “we have? been in possession of our land for some years now without any problem from any quarter. Some have started developing their plots while some have secured Governor’s consent as prescribed by the Land Use act.

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“?Nine years ago, around 2008, Buruji Kashamu came to invade this parcel of land which the then Commissioner of Police in Lagos State investigated and confirmed that Ogunleye family never sold any part of their land to Kashamu, who is now a senator and he was told to desist from such act.

“Few weeks ago, 16th January, 2017, we were, however, shocked to see bulldozers and other earth moving equipment, accompanied by fierce-looking thugs? who were fully armed with dangerous objects. Some people ran for their dear lives, with ordinary knickers. It was a day the peace of the peaceful community was shattered. All the properties, constructed and under-construction, were not only bulldozed, thugs have been stationed on our land by the thugs.”

One Mr Suraj who disclosed that he bought 3 plots 14 years ago, expained that: “apart from me, I have people I bought land for. How will somebody just come overnight to claim what does not belong to him?. Kashamu had wanted some boys in the town to stand against the original allottees, always buy cars and rams and cows for them during festival periods, to the extent of giving police escort to them. As at yesterday, thugs and the OPC boys he brought from Ijebu are still on the land.

“The two families – Kafari and Yusuff Ogunleye, who own the land did not have any transaction whatsoever with the senator?.

The source wants the government and Nigerians? to come to their aids, adding that “if this is allowed to go, all what we have laboured for would be lost to somebody who should be a protector but decided to be a law breaker. Nigerians should come to our aid; we are not safe.


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