Journalists Are Agenda Setters Not Beggars, Information Commissioner Tells Cabinet Member

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Rabiu Omaku



The Commissioner gave the indication during an exclusive interview with selected Journalists, Shammah described Journalists as agenda-setter and admonish Appointees in the cabinet of Engineer Abdullahi Sule to always be friendly to reporters and Correspondents in the need arise.


“Saying Journalists are trained to reshape the governed and the governance, he further said Journalists are the mirror that reflects the society in its true form”.


He in addition averred that delay in giving out information to Journalists would cause more harm than good to the life of every Government and consequently jeopardize the political space.


Dogo Shammah was reacting over the inability of some Commissioners to dodge away from Journalists especially some refusing to pick calls or not responding to text messages.


“This called is also applicable to heads of Boards and Parastatals to always exhibit maturity in dealing with Journalists when they come knocking or hunting for news”.

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