Jos Killings: Middle Belt Journalists Caution Against Further Breakdown Of Law

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Yakubu Busari

The Middle Belt Journalists Forum, MBJF, has called for restraint from making inflammatory comments on the latest crisis in Jos Plateau state where scores were killed.

Jonathan Ipaa, JP (President), and Mrs. Oikeke Igado-Kure (National Secretary) in a Press release warned against the incessant attacks and reprisals in Jos.

The forum has also cautioned its members from allowing their media platforms to be used in conveying messages of destruction.

Arising from an assessment meeting of the Jos latest killings in Abuja, the MBJF condemned in strong terms, any killings of human beings irrespective of ethics, race or religion, and any other reasons.

“At this point, we will repeat the plea that, instead of propaganda and counter-propaganda, it’s better to have an honest thorough investigation of all the allegations.


“We pray that such investigations will truly unravel the root cause of the breakdown of peace and harmony in Plateau and the Middle Belt in general.


Nobody should be afraid of the truth regardless of where the truth falls.


The Middle Belt Journalists Forum suggests that a multi-stakeholder group of representatives of all the diverse groups be invited by the authorities to look into the root causes of the insecurity challenges


However, the Middle Belt Journalists took an exception to the ethnic profiling of criminal acts, as contained in the Police’ first statement on the issue last Saturday.

The Plateau state police command had alleged even before an investigation, that the Irigwe youths, may have been responsible for Saturday’s killings, but failed short to disclose the identity of the killers of the previous eighty persons recorded.

Accordingly, some media reports have lifted up the sentiment thus profiling the Irigwe community who has lost over eighty persons from similar circumstances as masterminds.


Recall that the Middle Belt Journalists Forum had petitioned concerned authorities to act decisively to prevent the escalation of the crisis when eighty persons (80) were reportedly massacred within four days.

We appeal to the authorities to be swift, decisive, and thorough in their investigation to serve as a deterrent to further killings of innocent people.

We call on the Federal Government to avoid sentiment, chase criminals out of the Middle Belt areas in particular and Nigeria in general.

To those flying religious kites, we reaffirm our commitment to both religions which are espoused by indigenes of the Middle Belt who have coexisted seamlessly with themselves and visitors and residents of all faiths by respecting each others religion.

We appeal to the security agencies to be even-handed in dealing with both incidents in that axis of Plateau State in particular and in all other places in Nigeria.

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