Jos East Chairman Raises Concern Over Rising Cases Of Drugs Addiction In Nigeria

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Yakubu Busari

The Executive Chairman, Jos East Local Government, Plateau State, Hon. Ibrahim Agwom Adang has raised alarm over rising cases of crime and criminality in our society and youths’ restiveness amongst them including drug addiction destroying the future of Nigeria.


Adang in his speech on Saturday, at Angwanre, Jos East LGA during the occasion of a One-Day summit on drug abuse held at the MDGs hall, North Central Nigeria, called on federal and state government to joined hands with the authority at the Local Government level to address the menace of drugs addiction and rampaging killings going on in the country.


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According to the council boss,  the manner our society is faced with the challenges of restiveness and consumption of illicit drugs by the youths calls for serious concern to those in the position of authority to build a secure network address the circle of violence.



Hon Adang explained that the youths have taken to the consumption of intoxicating substances such as capsules, Codeine, Tramadol among other substances which he said were detrimental to their health and future growth and for the development of the entire society.


According to the chairman, “Records made available by the appropriate authority proved that the consumption of alcohol has risen tremendously in Jos East Local Government Area.


This is a negative indicator and doom to the future growth of the society at large”.


He further noted with sadness that female youths have also been introduced into the consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs.


Consequently, the Chairman said all hands must be on deck to collectively fight and put the youths on the right track.


“The vision of government and parents alike on children is to create a promising healthy, safe and productive generation of Nigerian youths who will be equipped with the right knowledge they need to enhance confidence and awareness to enable them to stand against environmental peer-group and cultural influence while engaging them with activities that will encourage their drug-free life”, the chairman stated.


Hon Adang said it was pertinent for all stakeholders and other organizations to as matter of urgency create a road map towards bringing an end to the menace of illicit drugs and restore sanity to the society to avoid its collapse for lack of future leaders.

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