Jonathan’s Ministerial And Perm Sec. Promise, Deceptive-FCT APC

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The All Progressive Congress, APC, FCT chapter has criticized the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the statement made by President Goodluck Jonathan on a promising that he will give FCT a Ministerial and Permanent Secretary position if elected in 2015, describing it as an afterthought and deceptive.
Hon. Abdulahi Candido, State Secretary of FCT APC, who made this known yesterday said that President Jonathan made that promised four years ago and failed to fulfil it since he became President, advising residents and indigenes of FCT not to be deceived by such promise again.
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According to Candido, Jonathan’s promise to FCT is deceptive with the intention of confusing the minds of FCT residents to vote for PDP again, saying that President Jonathan is also trying to catch in on the poverty scale and ignorant aspect of the FCT PDP stakeholders he is discussing with, that is why he is still promising them what he promised four years ago.
Candido said, “In 2011 the same President met the same PDP stakeholders of FCT and promised them the same position, and he is yet to fulfil it since he became president.  For the record, the Permanent Secretary which he is still promising the FCT, was something that was given to us long before he became President, but was snatched away from us by his administration.
“So, in giving it back to us, it is just a replacement. But, can you imagine the pains which the taken away of permanent Secretary has cost us? We cannot even quantify it. Therefore, to promise that when you win elections in 2015, you will give us ministerial and permanent secretary position, as far as APC is concerned, it is a slap on the faces of the people of FCT and not a news, because APC has long considered that ministerial position for FCT is a done deal.

“APC is not going to offer FCT ministerial and Permanent Secretary as a privilege,  because it is the right of the people to have it. Not a privilege the way the PDP is sees. So, it is a shameful thing to the so-called FCT PDP stakeholders to have waited all along, after reneging on the promise of  the president after four years, ” 

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