Jonathan’s Government Is Like That Of The Late Abacha Regime Says Obasanjo

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  • Says  I Don’t Know Where We Are Going Yet

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is on the news again, the former leader yesterday in his Abeokuta home lampooned the Jonathan’s government as he said that he is not sure of the right way for the Country in order to overcome the country’s present challenges and move to the path of greatness and abundance.
The former President likened the current political/economic situation of the country to that which was experienced during the time of Late Military dictator, General Sani Abacha also urged the Nigerian people to take consolation in the fact that only tough people that last but tough times don’t.
The President made the assertion when he received a delegation of the Nigerian Market/Traders led by the National President of the association, Yeye Osho, also added that recent SMS message he got from a Nigerian requesting for financial assistance, gave the country away as one where the middle-class is fast disappearing.
The Delegation which said they had come from across the federation to seek direction from the former President over the 2015 general elections were surprised when Obasanjo scrolled through his phone SMS inbox, where he retrieved the said text messages and read it out to the hearing of the traders even as he said that the country would survive the hard times like it  did in the past.
” As for me, we don’t know where we are going yet, may God show us the way. The way that will take this country and make it a great country, and when, for me ooo, I understand and (if) I see the way, I will tell you, I pray that God will show me the way, may God show you the way.
“Tough time does not last forever, and when tough times comes, tough people get going, we will keep going and we will survive this though time.
“I told him (the SMS sender) that we have experienced this period in time of Abacha, all the middle class were completely destroyed.”
Obasanjo also narrated a story of how a soldier and family of doctors well known to him came to him and confirmed his  conviction that indeed the country is in tough times and is for real, as he added that he was surprised that such people could afford even basic necessities befitting their status;  “I was surprised the day a Colonel in the Army came to me complaining that he and his family could not afford to buy a car.”
Obasanjo said; “A friend of mine, Dr. Okoro, a medical Doctor, his wife was also a medical Doctor and they have daughter too, who is also a medical Doctor, between the three of them, they could not afford a new car, they had to go to Saudi Arabia but, I pray we will not have such a time in Nigeria.
“We all have contribution to make and should not leave our responsibility on other for us to do. If we fail to participate in things that are meaningfully positive for this country, you will be a victim and we all become victims.”

In his response the leader of the delegation, Yeye, Osho said ; “We had tremendous support from you when you were in government. As such, we deem it necessary and as a mark of respect to come and find out on which direction we are going. He had told us to wait and we shall pass the message to our members throughout the country, that Baba is yet to decide,”

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