ISIS Beheades An American Journalist

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The Islamist terrorist organization ISIS published a shocking video clip where a member of the terror group beheaded American journalist James Foley. The video clip threatens the US: “If the US continues its aggression, we will kill more American citizens.”
In the end of the video clip, another American journalist is displayed declaring “the life of this American is hanging in your hands, Obama.”
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The Islamist terror organization ISIS released a shocking video clip that showed the beheading of American journalist James Foley.  Foley went missing when he covered the civil war in Syria two years ago and since then, the video clip was published.
The difficult video clip begins with Obama speaking to the American Congress. Obama refers to the US Air Force attacking Iraq and why it was implemented. Then, aerial photos are transmitted documenting ISIS targets in Iraq.

At the end of the section on Iraq, the headline “message to America’ is displayed after which Foley speaks, blaming the US for his suffering, which are apparently things he was forced to state. In the speech, he turns to his brother, a soldier in the US Air Force, and accuses him of murdering innocent people. Finally, he ends by stating “I wish I was not an American citizen.”
In the next phase, a masked member of ISIS, who speaks English with a British accent, stated “you went the way of interfering with our operations. We are no longer a terrorist organization. We are an Islamic state. Each of your actions Obama will lead to harming our citizens which will lead to harming American citizens.” After the masked mans remarks, he cruelly beheaded the American journalist.
After that, the masked man grabbed the hand of another man and stated: “the life of this American is hanging in your hands, Obama.” The journalist Steve Sotoloff is in all probability in the hands of the murderous terror organization.
In response to a video clip published on social media, the White House announced that intelligence agencies are working in order to examine if the video clip is authentic. “We’ve seen the video clip showing the murder of James Foley by ISIS,” White House Spokeswoman Kathleen Hayden stated. “The intelligence community is working hard to test the veracity.”
“If the video is indeed real, we are shocked by the murder of an innocent American journalist.  We express deep sorrow to the family and friends of Foley.”


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