Is Shi’ites Going The Boko Haram Way?

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Umar Osabo


The nefarious activities of Shiite group particularly in Zaria; Kaduna State is not new to most Nigerians. These subverting acts led to clashes between the group and security agents for the past three decades due to what it was considered public assault. The early 2016 clash appeared to be most horrible. The leader of the group, Malam Ibrahim El-Zakzaky was arrested, house rested down following an insensitive statement attributed to him. The tape of the clash went viral on social Media which attracted blames and sympathy by the public.


Since then, the leader of the group has been in castration. Though arraigned and granted a conditional bail, but, federal government alleged that, freeing El-Zakzaky would amount to a serious security threat. And his members didn’t go back to a higher court instead they took to protest in Abuja among other states across the country demanding for his release.Unfortunately, peaceful protest turned violent among other real security dangers that appeared to have overpowered the police, army was then engaged to quail the mayhem.


Though, as citizens of Nigeria, the Shiites have the right to protest peacefully for the release of their leaders, but not taking law in their hands. The historical antecedent of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) Shiites, as research has shown, they are solely loyal to the Iranian Government. In their shrine in Zaria, called Husumia for instance, the only flying flag there is that of Iran. Besides, the ideological ideals of the group are hinged on the Iranian system of government and its leader Ayatollah Kumeini, who led Iran Revolution of 1979. Takiya is an Arabic word which suggests ‘cover up’ or ‘concealing’ is the principal cardinal belief of the group. The antithesis of the group as against what they are telling us is that, they are working in alliance with Iran with view to carry out revolution which will usher in a radical Islamic government in Nigeria. Before now, El-Zakzaky was like a president whose constitution, loyalty and budget come from Iran. The radical group, just like Boko Haram, is taking directives from Iran. Mohammed Yusuf, the founder of Boko Haram, was a disciple of El-Zakzaky, the spiritual leader of Shiites in Nigeria. The study of Cold War and the refusal of Iran to align with either the Western or Eastern blocks were fundamental to understanding of Shiites activities in Nigeria.


With this background study and the Shiites’ ‘covering up’ ideology, even if government frees El-Zakzaky today, they will continue with their notorious activities which will tomorrow orchestrate more trouble for the country. But since we are in a democracy, the rule of law has to prevail in every matter of our national life. So, El-Zakzaky should be released, but he must be placed under a very serious scrutiny while the trial continues. And government must ensure that the group no longer receives further support from Iran or elsewhere and their activities must be shown the way out of Nigeria.


Going by the group’s body language, it could be said that they are testing their might in a way, and in another hand, to add to the nation’s fragile security situation; perhaps they will get external support and the long planned revolution will happen. Rule of law should supersede everything in the state, but everybody’s freedom must not suffer wrong because of one person’s right! This is fundamental to the country’s wellbeing considering Shiites’ allegiance to Iran. And it so obvious that they are bent to have their way come what may..


Recently, over four hundred members of the group were arrested and locally made explosives, arms, hard drugs and charms were found with them. They have already burnt police vans, destroyed others’ cars, properties and obstructed free movement of persons, goods and services particularly in Abuja. If they can achieve this in Abuja, being the seat ofNigeria government, you can imagine what they can do in other parts of the country. As a result, it might be correct to say that, El-Zakzaky is living no stone unturned to ensure the annexation of Iran in Nigeria with him as president who will solely operate with Iranian law.


(C) 1 November, 2018

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