Inquest Into Hon. Aniekan Umamanh’s Lies And Gov Akpabio’s Uncommon Fallacy By Eyen Isong Ibibio

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Now that Aniekan Umanah, the Commissioner of Information and Communication has spoken to explain and “put the records straight” on “mere” N10million developed wings , I wish to draw his attention to other serious issues in the conduct of Akwa Ibom state business
Mr Umanah, you are well aware that your administration or more appropriately put, Godswill Akpabio’s tenure is well in its twilight and I consider this is the right time for the government and people of Akwa Ibom state to commence take stocking.

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Since your government is been known to pride itself as having achieved “uncommon transformation” based on the number of projects executed or purported to have been executed in the life of this administration, I humbly request that you honestly and sincerely address the the status of the following projects:
IBOM “INTERNATIONAL” AIRPORT: This project was designed to have a hanger where aircrafts were to be serviced and maintained. If my memory serves me right and being a regular user of the airport, I can’t remember observing anything that looks like completed or uncompleted hangar. Considering how much of the state resources have been sunk in here, will it be asking for too much if you open up on this?
IBOM POWER PLANT: The reason for committing huge resources to this project was to significantly improve power supply to the state. As a matter of fact, we have been told Akwa Ibom needs just fewer than 70 megawatts of power while the “installed” capacity of the first phase of the plant was said to be 180+megawatts. This project had since been commissioned yet there is no improvement in power supply to the state. As a matter of fact, your government had announced commencing phase two. In your opinion sir, what is responsible for the continued darkness in Akwa Ibom state?
E-LIBRARY: This project had also been commissioned but till now the entire edifice is lying unused or under-used. Are we to believe that this “beautiful” edifice and not the services intended, is the ultimate purpose of the project?
UNDERGROUND JACK-UP DRAINAGE: Sir, this efficacy of this “noble” adventure was put to test during the last rainy season where even the governor admitted it failed. He had ordered a committee to look into why it did not stand its first test-run. Incidentally, the contract for the phase two of this project had since been awarded. We are just a few months way from the rains. Bearing in mind what happened during the last time, what has your “committee”  done/ is doing to avert further flood crisis? By the way, the committee was headed by the same government official who has been overseeing the construction.
IBAKA SEA PORT AND INDUSTRIAL CITY: Mr Umanah, the history of this venture is well known to you better than it is to us. This project, your government had announced, would create hundreds of thousands of jobs, make Akwa Ibom the economic hub of the Gulf of Guinea and to boost domestic participation in income generation activities. This explained why your government processed and handed over Certificate of Occupancy to Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) to facilitate immediate commencement. Why has Ibaka sea port remained a graveyard after indigenous people were deprived of their land?
INDUSTRIALIZATION: In 2010 or thereabout, Akwa Ibom state government set aside N10 billion for industrialization. In 2011, the amount was raised to N15billion for same purpose. Yet again in 2012, N20 billion was earmarked for industrialization of the state. The governor even entered into social agreement with the people to establish 31 industries, one in each Local Government. Few months to the expiration of this administration, the citizens would like to know the status of industrialization projects in the state. When are the industries taking off sir?
TROPICANA AKA CINEMA HOUSE: The governor, Godswill Akpabio, was recently quoted as saying that Ibom tropicana would be completed this year and I have no reason to doubt him. But exactly how much is the cost of this celebrated cinema house?
RELOCATION OF MECHANIC VILLAGE/RENOVATION OF IBOM HALL. These projects were captured in your 2011 budget for which a “paltry” sum of 58.9 billion was earmarked. To be fair, this amount was also to take care of Banquet hall in the government house. We are aware that N10 billion was spent on the latter Why have Mechanic village and Ibom hall not been touched?
If the Honourable Commissioner would be forthcoming with his response on these “uncommon projects” as promptly as he did in the “mere” N10 million Naira issue, it will really help in situating the government’s uncommon transformation mantra.
Thanks for your valued time.

Eyen Isong (Akwa Ibom), Nig.

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