Idoma Youths Warns Federal Govt, APC To Stop Linking Governor Samuel Ortom With The Killings In The State

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Yakubu Wuyep


The Benue Community have warned All Progressive Congress ,APC ,to stop linking Governor Samuel Ortom with the killings of helpless Christian minority in Benue natives were the federal Government sponsored missionaries to villages to cause mayhem .


The Idoma Youths Leaders of Benue Community Residents in Plateau state, Comrade Collins Obaje has congratulated Governor Samuel Ortom for his resilient, commitment to the plight of Benue people over Federal Government attempt to disrupt democratic dividends.


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Obaje stated this to our correspondence at the NUJ, Plateau state council in Jos while responding to an attempt impeachment saga by eight members of the Benue state House of Assembly on federal mission.


He condemned the national chairman of the APC; Comrade Adams Oshomole to resign as the Governor of Benue state, the chairman claimed that they invited him to the party headquarters.


Obaje refused that the Governor Ortom should remain committed, strong in defending the cause injustice melted on the people because he was elected to deliver dividends of democracy.


He spits fire that the situation were failed government has not accepted its responsibility shifting blames and finger accusations  is a sign of failure as he ask the party leader to focus more on building confidence on the bad leadership.


According to the youth, we disagree with the manner the federal government is going about causing mayhem and using herders to grabbed land belonging to natives is uncalled for.


We condemn impunity imposition of alleged framing the leadership of Governor Samuel Ortom who stood firm to ensure that no land belonging to grazing or ranching.


As a youth we are assuring all the Idoma supporters to give Governor Samuel Ortom a full support towards his reelection bids ahead of 2019 general elections no matter the level of intimidation coming from the federal government, the statement explained.


Obaje insisted that this is the time for the people of Benue state to stand firm and render their full support as the people zone c vows to remain committed to the leadership of Governor Samuel Ortom .


We promise to resist religious colonialism by Fulani herdsmen militia masquerading under the pay master of federal APC unleash mayhem sacking communities in middle belt.

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