I Will Defeat Lalong In 2019, Money Politics Can’t  Work – Samuel  Danauta Kyarshik

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Yakubu Busari

A Gubernatorial  Candidate of All Blending Party ABP, in Plateau  State  ,Hon Samuel  Danauta Kyarshik has said, he don’t  have the  money  to run against  the incumbent  Governor  Simon Lalong  but he has to imbibe  the campaign  of door to doors to create  awareness  for the electorates to vote wisely  for politics of ideology.


Kyarshik stated this on Saturday in Dadi Kowa Hotel venue of his affirmation as the governorship candidate of the ABP in Jos.


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He said  as a gubernatorial  candidate of an upcoming  political party “I’m not afraid  of running against  the incumbent  governor because  the electorate know I don’t  have to bribe  them to win election but to ensure  transparency  and committed  leadership  .


According to him  ,the country  has been  destroyed by APC and PDP with  the level  of poverty ravaging  the country  many Nigerians  are dying  of hunger  and starvation  under the  16 years  and 3 years of misrule .


We are not  depending on Money bag politics to gain relevant  but to be conscious  that  the electorates are willing  to sacrifice  for the  future  of the  state .


Kyarshik  condemned  zoning  as he said that  it is only  ringing  bell in the heart of the  illiterates who  are desperately  working  hard to  mislead  Nigerians,  but  the poor man is not  going  to think on the  zoning  formula  ,their  problem  is to put food on  their  table.


We are  going  to bring  in an all-inclusive  governance  aimed at  reforming  the state  moribund industries littered around.


He disclosed  that   his vying  for the  position  of governor which he said is anchored  on two issues which are  to bring  God back  to governance  and reduce  poverty  beyond  the issue  of subvention.


He explained further  that  with the mineral  deposits  in Wase Local Governments  Area and 9 area councils  were they farm potatoes  which is one of the  richest  in the  state we shall commence exportation of farm produce to the  outside world.


Meanwhile,  a Senatorial  Candidate  of Plateau North, Honestly Henry  Lodam says, Nigeria  is supposed to be an industrious  nation by now, we have Ajakuta steel rolling  company abandoned which  has become moribund.


“I believe  in Thomas Sankara  ideology,  he did  that  by believing  on his ideology  to ensure  self-sufficiency  where things are not going  well, we shall centralized  the government  that  can take care of the people,” he added.




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