I Feel Insulted When Americans Refer To China As Our New Colonial Master — Obasanjo

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that he feels insulted any time he is asked in America: “How are your new colonial masters.”


According to Obasanjo, the question comes regarding the huge loans and investments the Chinese and Chinese Governments are pouring into Africa, including Nigeria.


Obasanjo, who spoke on “The Toyin Falola Interview,” said this against the backdrop of a question of whether the Chinese will not recolonize Africa going by the huge loans the Asian giant was giving to the continent.


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Obasanjo said, “I feel insulted when they ask me in America: How are your new colonial masters doing?


“I should also ask you: how are your new Colonial masters?


“The amount of American treasury China is holding, if they unleash it on the world, America will feel it.


“China is making progress with its economy, buying our cocoa, etc higher than other parts of the world.




“I am not really worried about that.


“I will be worried if China does not pay heed to what it should be paying to: Start training Africans.


“Africans are capable of being trained.


“Don’t make it an all Chinese affair.


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