How Thugs Attacked Sen. Nazif’s Supporters

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If fellow readers can remember, somewhere around the 24th August, 2016 a group of reps, senators and other dignitaries of the APC from Bauchi state had arrived at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja protesting against what they called “mishandling of the state’s affairs by the governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar”, as the group spoke-person said that, “The governor cannot even pay for workers salary talk less of the pensioners”. There were bitter counter comments and an allegation from both sides through local, international, social media as well as in some national dallies. Efforts made for reconciliation went in futile.

As the relationship between the  antagonists continue to sour,  on the 3rd September 2016, a bloody clash erupted in Azare town between the supporters of the stalwart and a redoubtable antagonist to governor Abubakar, Senator Sulaiman Nazif Gamawa from Bauchi North senatorial district and group of hooligans armed with heavy sticks, knives and other locally made weapons, as they tried to disrupt the ground of the distribution of relief materials given by the senator to the less privilege and vulnerable ones. Several attempts were made by the thugs to enter the venue but repelled by the security personnel deployed. The gangs were suspected to be hired by some high profile politicians that are not in good term with the senator. In their last attempt, the supporters of Senator Nazif angrily pushed and forcefully chased them back. They took to their heels for about a half of kilometer. Some with fractures, wounds and other multiple bruises. Thank God,  no loss of life.

Honestly speaking, this is very unbecoming, we not at ease as these ungodly things are happening in one house (APC) and the party leadership failed to control the fire from engulfing all. Why? What are they doing to save the situation from getting worst? All we need is peace and progress of our great party and dear state. No single person owns the party, It is for all of us. Similarly, the governor should ask himself why all the three senators and all the members are at logger-head with him. He should  also incline his ears towards good advice no matter from who or where it comes. He must be selfless and to take heart. If he could remember, some two years back was a different person occupying the seat he is on now. You are the “Oga at the top”. So embrace all and sundry without prejudice. Do justice to whoever deserve it. Likewise, the senators, members should support him to move the state to a higher elevation. Meanwhile the youths should come back to their senses, stop chasing shadows, and to know that our future is in our hands.  Political thuggery will never, ever pay. Dont let enemies of peace as a tool to cause havoc in the society. A word is enough for a wise.


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(secretary, Muryar Talaka Awareness Initiative, Bauchi State chapter)

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