How Plateau Ex-Speaker, Peter Azi’s Dictatorial Tendency, Incompetency, Poor Representation, Caused His Impeachment

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The dust may have settled over the ouster of the former Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly (PSHA), Hon. Peter Azi, despite the fact that REAITY investigation reveals that the former Speaker will not be missed by members of the 8th Assembly, as some Members and Staff of the House have alleged that he was not competent and that his representation was poor.


You would recall that some papers (not Reality) had reported that the Speaker had alleged that his removal was a blessing to him as it gives him rest of mind now since nothing was held against him by his colleagues.


However, In a swift reaction to this, some members and staff of the House, who spoke to REALITY on the basis of anonymity have refuted the Speaker’s claim. Some have blamed the Speaker’s removal strictly at his doorstep for what they call, “His dictatorial” way of handling House proceedings and issues concerning the House members and staff.


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“Mind you this wasn’t the first time we wanted to impeach him. I must say he’s lucky to have lasted this long despite all the grievances we have had during his leadership of the House. He always wanted to use his veto powers, as the Speaker and at the end he became dictatorial”.


When REALITY sort to find out if the former Speaker’s removal is not just to keep with the tradition of “no Speaker of the PLHA completes his/her term, the response was, “You were just in the House sitting yourself, you saw how the new Speaker (Barr. Madaki) handled proceedings; you would not even know it was his first time. Azi was not just competent!


“I must tell you that his representation was poor. He had it coming to him as he wasn’t smart enough, he allowed the former Majority Leader to control him and he wasn’t listening to his people”.


“Choosing, Barr. Madaki to lead the House was easy for us, as you are aware, he has been making meaningful contributions in the House ever since. We are expecting a more vibrant 8th House of Assembly in Plateau state henceforth and the people will be better for it.


“You can see he is already receiving accolades just after his first sitting because of his calmness and the way he was in charge. We are not expecting a rubber stamp House again. The Governor and the Speaker are both Barristers, so Plateau people should expect intellectual exchanges between the Executive and the Legislature”.



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