How Plateau Assembly Speaker, Hon. Peter Azi Allegedly Diverted Constituency Allowance To His Own Personal Use–Youth Group

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Yakubu Busari

The alleged diversion of constituency project money allegedly by the Speaker Plateau House of Assembly, Peter Azi, for building of a multi-million naira personal house in Dung village of Jos North Local Government Area has been challenged by the supporters of All Progressive Congress’s (APC) in Jos North-West constituency.

The group alleged that, the quest for the best among the rest in Jos North west constituency of Plateau House of Assembly, have yielded the worst representation.

However, it is pertinent that a great constituency like Jos North West has not yet found a true representation, the group said.

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“We showed the former member representing the constituency the way out of office in the 7th Assembly and last general election in 2015 for lack of competence and effectiveness which led to the emergence of Rt  Hon. Peter Azi in search of true and effective representation but practically within a period of 16 months now ,we can see the impact of the Speaker ,Rt Hon. peter Azi cannot take us to the promise land,” they said.

Hence, the group accused the Hon. Member, Hon Peter A. Azi of incompetence as well of neglect his constituency and allegedly embarked on diverting the constituency money to the building of his personal apartment in Dung.

According to them, they said; “since, he was voted into office, even to embark on a thank you tour he has vehemently refused to do so .This we feel is a sign of un-gratefulness on his part.”

The group accused that speaker that he not done even a single constituency project since he has come on board for over a year, as they branded him a square peg in a round hole.

“As constituents we feel disgraced as his public speeches and addresses only reflect a great inadequacy as a representative of the Jos North-West constituency.”

“We the youths of Jos North-west constituency are very much aware of the strategic significant of our  constituency have in the function of Plateau and Nigeria as a whole but here we are wasting another opportunity of the quota of the Speaker in Plateau state ,an opportunity we may never get in years ahead.”

“Must we just sit and watch it waste away just like that, we, therefore, pass a vote of no confidence on Hon peter Azi , as member representing Jos North-west constituency PLHA . We have already started his recall process and we also urge the Hon members in Plateau Assembly to commence the impeachment of Speaker Peter Azi.”

They group pointed out that the House under leadership of Hon Azi lacks meaningful bills and legislations that will take the state to giant developmental strides.

“However, in our quest for true and peoples’ oriented leadership, we will never relent on our efforts in constructively criticizing our leaders till we found one.”

“To all the people of Jos North West constituency strategic locations have been pointed for collection of signatures for the recall process of Hon peter A. Azi and we urge you all to come out enmass to sign so as to pave ways for fresh election to be conducted,” they said.

The constituency members that signed the statement are as follows: Nanpan David from Tafawa Balewa ward, Victor Pius from Jenta Adamu Ward, Dazi chollom from Kabong Ward,  A Jang Raymond and Usman Mohammed from Gangare Ward, Ikena Moses from Vanda Puye Ward.

Others are Wash Williams -Berom central, Akila Sunday Ayuba -Amos Larshen and  Abazy Ujah -Rukuba summit, also there are Abiare Idoma, Alfred Yiltok Mupun summit and Seth Harmani -Jenta Makeri

There is also Cornelius from GRA, as well as Emmanuel Bachung and West mines leaders and Rapcy who is the Chairman.

Meanwhile all efforts by our correspondent effort to speak with the Speaker proved abortive and his media aide, Comrade Atang Azi said that everybody is entitled to his own opinion.

“I believe that the youth are right on what they are pursuing so we cannot stop them”


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  1. Igyem Solomon Izang. says

    We hear and are watching with keen interest, but you can be rest assured that we don’t know you people in the APC at all let alone initiate a recall. Still u can test your popularity against the will of the people of Jos North West, let’s see who hides his head at last in shame as a result of a wild goose chase.After all the people of this constituency were so patient with your own regime, even in the time of so plus resources and federal allocation , there was virtually nothing to show for that let alone this recession time, but could understand If you people can come with a plan of development strategy and how to source for it’s tangible funding in the face of recession, it would have been a better way than displaying this sponsored disposition of aggrieved loosers who wasted huge16 years, and will now turn to accusse do me body in just 16 months!!!.why?? Imagine just imagine!!!.People easily forget right?

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