How Nigerian Army Recaptured Mubi, Maiha, Hong, Gombi And Other Adamawa Towns From Boko Haram-A Reporters Diary By Tom Garba, Yola

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A media tour was organised  by Men of the Nigerian Army Of Guard 23 Army Brigade, it was led by Captain Mohammed Nuhu Jafaru, who took Journalists tour all the areas insurgents attacked in the northern part of Adamawa state.
The officer in charge of the joint task force in the entire state Brigadier General V O Ezugwu while addressing members of the press in Hong said” the purpose of the media visit is to see things with genuine facts of the military gallants victory over the insurgents, and to help in disseminating the information that normalcy have returned to all the affected”.
While touring from Hong through Maiha our correspondent gathered that major bridge linking Maiha and Hong was blast down by Men of the Boko Haram stopping the military from launching any form of attacks but the created an access road inside Maiha.
According to our reporter who was on the entourage, before getting to Maiha all we’ve been seeing are burnt vehicles and motorcycles belonging to the members of Boko Haram littering the roads, cars in tens were seen packed by the roads side and deserted by commuters for fear of been killed by the dreaded Islamic group as the roads was heavily stocked off with too much vehicles hindering a fast movement, many prefer taking to their heels into nearby hide outs and many ran to the border of cameroun. The town of maiha was scanty seen with people moving around the able security men of the Nigerian army for protection.
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Col.Danladi Jibrin Abdullahi is regarded as the Man of the moment and the celebrated gallant soldier who successively led the Nigerian army to chase away the miscreants in our society, we got to the Barrack in Mubi where the men of the underworld once captured, we only saw gallant officer always being an alert to face the faceless human beings that caused a lot of pains in the heart of many people, While addressing the press Abdullahi said “we want to take you round Mubi to see the significant success recorded by the Nigerian army”
Mubi town Is empty all Major roads were littered with decomposed human beings suspected to be Book haram members, clothing, beddings and even kitchen utensils litters the town with serious unfriendly odour oozing out of houses and quarters, no single bank is seen undamaged, all the mega churches in the town were raze down and countless houses were burnt down.
Taking us to the market square through the major road only few individuals seen, who got their courage by the security men seen parading the street with their minimal market stuff chanting “Allah ya taiyako” meaning God will help the soldiers making some sales around, in the market is where we saw few a number of petty traders but more than half of the shops are under lock and keys and major part of the market got burnt down by Boko Haram.
Abdullahi Musa   an eye witness and resident of Lukadi inside Mubi town told journalist if not because of Nigerian army the whole of Adamawa state would have been capture by boko haram.
“Our army have made us proud and salute their gallant victory to chase the insurgents away, I know they have gone and never to come back again
“In my life I saw hell let loose I never thought we can be free like this, but because of these soldier Mubi is safe for everybody to come back, May God continue to help our soldier so that this wicked people will not resurfaces again
“I am calling on our Emir to come back I know if he does everybody will come back too” Abdullahi begged.
The reporter also stated that they were taken to Maraban Mubi to have a look of the wanton destruction done by the insurgents, immediately we left welcome to Mubi bad smells of dead human beings is making the air unwanted, you see and hear flies buzzing the air from the un-harvested farms of runaway internally displaced persons, there were also vehicles and Motorcycles destroyed by Boko Haram .
Maraban mubi was the strong hold of the insurgents where serious gun fire were exchange, a source who pleaded anonymity said it took the Nigerian five hours to repelled them a distance of about 300 meters, it was in Maraba  that about three armoured tanks were seized, all the house in that town were destroyed because of the fire exchanged.
Maraban Mubi was their major strong hold before Mubi was captured, it was the real battle field between the  army and the insurgents, empty shelf of bullets were noticed on the ground in multiples of hundreds, that was the same place where one of the Commanders was killed and a suicide bumper detonated a malicious bump that crushed  down the whole of EYN Bible college along Michika road.
From Maraban Mubi to Kalaa all we saw were dead corpse of insurgents littering the road, Kalaa Bridge was broke down by insurgents in order to frustrate the effort of the military.
The areas visited comprises of Maiha, Mubi, Maraban Mubi,Hong, Kalaa and Gombi which were all captured by Boko Haram turned to be an Islamic caliphate but Nigerian army have bravely retaken them all.

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