How Lamido Embezzled N11 million Realised From The Sale Of Hadejia Sugar Factory-Ishaq By Umar Faruq Usman,Dutse

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A Front line politician and a member All Progressive Congress, APC,  in Jigawa State,   Alhaji Ishaq Hadejia has accused Governor Lamido of Jigawa state for neglecting the health sector in the state,especially the three emirate namely Hadejia ,Kazaure and Gumel where all the general hospital in these three emirates are empty with no  doctors, no drugs, as members of the youth corps are the ones  taking care of the patients due to the transfer of  all the Specialist doctors and other qualified medical personnel to Rasheed Shikoni hospital, when he spoke to in an interview.

Ishaq said most patients  that comes to the hospitals in these three emirates don’t find cure as there are no better drugs given to them to cure their ailments  due to the non-availability of qualified medical personnel in the respective hospitals mention above, according to him,  doctors in these hospitals will examine a patient with a problem and the patient  will then be referred to Rasheeed Shikoni Hospital where there are qualified medical personnel.
He further hinted that all the qualified doctors who were working since 1965 in the three General Hospital in the state since the days of old Kano state has been relocated to state Capital by Governor Lamido.
On the issue of the  Hadejia Sugar factory, he accused Lamido of pocketing N11 million  that was gotten from the sale of the Hadejia Sugar factory, other issues that he accused Lamido of pilfering funds from include the Local Government Joint Account which he said that the Local Government allocation doesn’t reach to the Local Government but goes into Sule Lamido’s pocket. He also accused Lamido of misappropriating of the SURE-P funds.
Not done with that, he asked where are the money that was realised from the sale of Gumel Flour Mills, Kazaure Tomato Factory,  Atafi Rice Mill and Birnin-Kudu Diary.
When contacting the Special Adviser  to Governor Lamido on Students Affairs who is now in the race for State House Of  Assembly Alhaji Umar Danjani Hadejia said all that everything that Ishaq said are blatant lies, as everyone  knows they are not true, any person doubting what  Jigawa State Government is doing in our hospital let him go to our hospital and see for himself/herself.
Speaking further he said the so called Ishaq is one of the  political detractors who always try to blackmail the government.

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