How Governor Abubakar Billboards Carrying His Photos Were Defaced And Torn In Bauchi (See Photos and Video Inside)

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For Governor Mohamed Abubakar, the road  and quest for 2019 may after all be a herculean task for him, this is owing to the scenario playing out at the moment which is not this medium gathered is not to his favour.

The recent tearing and defacing of Governor Mohammed Abubakar’s photos in billboards located strategically with the State Capital may be a further indication that the people of the State have lost hope in his government.

Investigation carried out by this medium shows that many of the billboards within strategic roundabouts in the state that is having his photos are either defaced or torn.

This newspaper finding surprisingly showed that of all the billboards seen by it which bears the Governor’s photos on them also has alongside with it, President Muhammadu Buhari’s picture, but to the surprise of this medium, the President’s photos on the billboards were never touched, but only the Governor’s photos were either defaced and torn in some cases, an action which this medium gathered the people are disenchanted with government of the day in the State, but are okay with President Muhammadu Buhari.

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Speaking a stalwart of the APC in the State who pleaded anonymity, he told this medium that, the defacing and tearing of the Governor’s photos in those billboards while living President Muhammdu Buhari’s own show that the people Bauchi are dissatisfied  with the Government of Abubakar.

“What that action by the people is telling you is that he is no more wanted and that portends for him trouble in 2019, if he dares to run for a second term in office, he will get the biggest shocker of his life, even if APC decide to feature him as their candidate come 2019.”

“I can tell you that there nothing on ground to show that there is a government in this state, nothing is working, his appointees are resigning citing unfavourable environment, and nothing is working.”

“As it is, today some people salaries are not being paid, pensions are not paid, he cannot pay pensioners, he cannot pay gratuities. Today local chiefs and traditional institutions are abused and neglected.”

Speaking further, he said; “there are no responsibility of governance seen anywhere in the State, public works is nowhere to be found, you can go to anywhere in the State and see any project that is completed. Roads are awarded and payments of over 70% to 80% are already made when the road has not gone above 10% completion.”

“Every month, money in different variations is removed from workers’ salaries depending on their ranks, as it is these removals are not accounted for.”

“So tell me, why the people will not be disenchanted with him, with all the allocations from the Federation for the State and Local Governments, Bailout Fund, Paris-London Club Refund, Internally Generated Revenue, still there are nothing to show for all these monies they state has got under Abubakar.”

“For a first timer coming to Bauchi, when he sees all these bogus billboards with his photos of him and that of Mr. President, he will think that he is accepted and popular in the State, he wouldn’t know it is just a gimmick by the Governor to put the photos in the billboards to show as if he is poppaulr in the State or accepted by the people of the State,” the party stalwart said.

In this medium findings a video of a roundabout visited shows all the billboards in that roundabout with his photos in, were either defaced or torn, a scenario which may signifies rejection by people especially with 2019 fast approaching.

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